Walking in a Walkathon and Belonging to a Gym

I recently switched works & my new employer uses a different insurance program.

I thought it might be worrisome for me, however my coverage is so much better with the current supplier health plan. The most wonderful part of is saving some dollars on the premium because my spouse & I have a membership at a fitness gym. As long as every one of us supply proof of gym membership, I get an additional discount on my insurance premium. It’s not a big amount, however it adds up every payday. It’s no small sadness to get the perk, even though my spouse & I rarely visit the gym. The two of us are always too tired and/or too busy to go to the gym. I leave the house before the sun comes up & neither one of get condo until late. By the time we get all our responsibilities taken care of, we have no time for definitely working out a gym. The two of us have been using the treadmill at home instead. My spouse walks 5 miles & I walk 6. The two of us are trying to get stronger and have more endurance and stamina so every one of us can do well in an upcoming walkathon. The walk is 22 miles & the event is over a more than one day period. All of the proceeds will be dedicated to the local children’s hospital. It’s a good day of family-style things to do. There are plenty of things for everyone to stay busy. This is the first year that I will be participating in the walkathon part of it, so I definitely want to do well. I would prefer to finish like a real winner, so I can impress everyone I know.

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