Problems with temperature control and air quality when traveling

This past weekend, I was required to travel from way up north where I live to way down south for a work-related project. I left our home at more than five o’clock in the afternoon, when the temperature outside was disadvantage thirteen degrees. I set the temperature control in our home down low to reduce the workload of the oil furnace. I bundled up in layers of jackets and wool coat and spent over half an hour brushing snow off the car and scraping ice off the windshield. I needed to let the heating system and defrost run for a very long time before I could see out the windows. I then drove over icy roads with continuous snowfall obstructing our visibility. It took me twice as long to reach the airport. I dragged our luggage through the slush of the parking lot and ended up with wet feet… Stepping inside the terminal, I looked forward to warming up. I was not expected to right away beginning dripping with sweat profusely because of the overuse of the furnace. The air inside the terminal was so hot, dry and stuffy that I couldn’t quit sneezing. I stuffed all of our outer gear into our checked back! By the time I boarded the airplane, I had a vicious headache. I have no clue how temperature control is managed on an airplane. The plane was freezing cold. I tried decreasing the nozzle above our head, but there was no escape from the influx of cold air. I wanted our Winter time coat back. I then spent over an hour layover getting blasted by heat before boarding another cold airplane. The whole travel experience was absolutely horrible. I was enjoyable with the time and effort involved, but the concerns with heating, cooling and air quality made me believe sleepy and sick.

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