Looking for printing services for wedding invitations

My husband-to-be and I are very excited to be planning our wedding. We have the venue, the date, the gown, the tux, the wedding party, the wedding party gifts…. we are on top of it. What we are looking for now, though, is a reliable, affordable printing service for our wedding invitations. We are somewhat new to the area (we graduated from the college just outside of town and found jobs here), so we do not know which printing service is the best printing service for our wedding invitations. All of the printing services have great reviews on social media, but I was hoping for some anecdotal, personal perspectives on the printing services around here. Which of the printing services offers wedding invitations? Which printing services have the best rates? Which printing services have the largest variety of options? Which printing service has the friendliest staff? Questions like this are hard to answer with a quick search. I’m hoping to find a printing service with a decent rate- but we’re willing to pay a little more for the perfect invitations- with friendly staff and a lot of wedding invitations. We don’t want our wedding invitations to look just like everyone else’s. Any perspective you can give us on the area’s printing services would be greatly appreciated. We’re hoping to have our wedding invitations picked out and ready to print and send out by the end of the month. Please let me know which printing service would be the best solution for my fiance and I! Thank you all in advance!


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Decorative solutions with printing

As an interior designer, I get a lot of clients who have just about any type of decorative taste that’s out there.

However, as in any industry, fashions and patterns tend to emerge from the masses.

One thing that became very popular a few years back was decorative solutions through printing services. You’ve likely heard of the “Cricut” printer? Well, Cricut was a little bit ahead of their time. There were plenty of decorative solutions for scrap books, school projects, etc. but really utilizing the printing industry as a decorative solution for your home only became popular about five or six years ago. The easy thing about using printing services as decorative solutions is that you don’t have to worry about driving a nail through your wall or leaving a big mess with paint or wallpaper. The decorative solutions that printing offers really makes it easy to “peel and stick” your decorations wherever you want in your home. And, should you ever change your mind, these decorative solutions are easy to change out and make for a quick home improvement project. Now, one has to imagine that, with the industry of 3D printing, you will eventually have the option to print your own decorative solutions for your home! Printing services will likely need to upgrade to keep up with what I assume will be a growing demand. I imagine that this printing solution might be slow coming for now- 3D printing still tends to have that feeling of an “action figure”. The medical industry has already gotten onto the 3D printing bandwagon though- having printed an ear! It won’t be long until the fashion and design industries start utilizing 3D printing for decorative solutions as well.


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I have lived in a small town my whole life.

Granted, I live in a different small town than I grew up in, but small towns are where I feel most comfortable and at-home.

One thing that’s always true, no matter which small town you go to, is that there’s always a local printing service that gets all of the local high school’s/high schools’ business. When I moved here, I was shocked to find that this small town had no such printing service. With my degree in graphic design, I saw a real opportunity to make money from the printing service business. I got a small business loan and opened my printing service two years ago. I offer all sorts of products: decorative printing solutions, printing services for wedding invitations, laminating, tagless t-shirt printing (probably my biggest seller), you name it! If you want it printed, I’ll get it done for you. As I mentioned before, tagless t-shirt printing is probably my largest source of income. It’s one of the few industries left where online ordering doesn’t have us beat. The thing about tagless t-shirt printing- especially tagless t-shirt printing for high schoolers- is that people have a certain image in mind that they want printed on that t-shirt. If you can’t make the exact specifications online, it feels like a waste of money. I work hand in hand with the students and even teach them how to use the tagless t-shirt printer. I’m proud to be this town’s trusted printing service. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop by.

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Old website and PPC did not work

So now I only have to pay for one service and it is a quality one

When I started my small HVAC business the first thing I did was get a website. I was dumb and had a local guy just make it for me. When I didn’t see any new business come in, I started relying on google ads. I then paid for PPC. PPC stands for pay per click. I paid to have a top spot in google. Everytime a customer clicked on the ad, I needed to pay for that privilege. It did not matter if it ended in a sale or not. I never seemed to get a sale. I could track how many people were clicking on my website name and then leaving. I could even tell how quickly people were leaving. I finally realized the issue was my website. The website was so bad and hard to operate, that people were leaving after a few moments. After that, I called a real SEO business to help me out. They totally redid my website. It is not even the same animal anymore. My website has multiple pages, built in links, pictures, moving graphics and more content. I also don’t need to rely on the PPC anymore. The SEO team uses search engine optimization. A good website, with targeted keywords rank your business high on google. So now I only have to pay for one service and it is a quality one. I have gotten a lot more calls and business due to a working, optimized website. I am so glad that I spent a little more money to have a better online presence.

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We still have a job

A lot of people are out of luck when it comes to work.

Thankfully both my boyfriend and I work for an SEO business.

Everything we do is online based and due to that, him and I work from home. It is funny that our lives have not changed one bit. My boyfriend is part of the web building team. When a HVAC contractor calls for a website, he makes the website and I am the SEO analyst that helps it rank on google. So we work for the same company, doing a similar thing, but have very little overlap. Most people are worried about us being a part of the same company. We have all our eggs in one basket. If the SEO company folded, we would have no income. Right now digital marketing is key. There are a lot of people home on their computers with hardly anything to do. Also, HVAC doesn’t stop due to quarantine. People still need their spring AC tune up done. AC repairs happen no matter what. A new HVAC system happens when the old one finally decides to die. HVAC is considered an essential business, so they are still operating. Due to that, they still need a website, maybe now more than ever. My SEO company has been promoting the different HVAC services by google ads and social media postings. The HVAC dealers have seen a little less business, but not too bad. Most companies are being good about social distancing and cleaning up after the job is done. It is still safe to call for HVAC.

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The two different types of SEO businesses

If you were an HVAC dealer looking to get a website, you have two options.

There are two SEO businesses that you can pick from.

The first business is all about how everything looks. They have a building with their company logo proudly displayed. Every worker has their own office setup. The office is trendy and hip too. They have a break room with a pool table, dart board and the team can sit on bean bag chairs during a conference. Everybody dresses up, but not in suits, more like nifty sweaters. They have a company softball team with matching jerseys and they do happy hour every week. They want to look cool and doing that takes a lot of money. When a HVAC contractor uses them for web building, SEO and PPC, it costs a lot. They have a lot of overhead to pay for. You are not getting very much for lots of cash. The SEO company I work for operates the opposite. Every member of my company works from home. We don’t need to be in a building because everything is online based. We don’t do social gatherings or waste our time playing pool during the day. Everything is about being efficient during the work day. When we sign up a new HVAC company, we get their website built quick and done to the best of our abilities. We also don’t charge them half as much as the other company. We want to help small businesses succeed, so we try to keep our costs down for them.

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Needed something to promote my business

All the men in my family went into HVAC when they graduated highschool. The HVAC business gets handed down from generation to generation. When my great grandpa first started the business, he was the only guy in town that knew HVAC. Now that I am the owner, there is more competition. There also have been things I have needed to change. There is no longer a need for a storefront. Paying the electric, HVAC and plumbing for a store is stupid. I now have all our trucks, supplies and equipment stored in a warehouse. We don’t need the public to have access to it. People don’t need to walk into a HVAC dealership to buy air filters, they can do this online. Not having a working store with employees has saved a lot of money. I also have decided that our business needs a website. Not only that, we need a website to rank high on google. I found an SEO company that has been able to do those two things. They use targeted keywords, also known as SEM, to get my HVAC business to rank high on google. They also have given me an optimized website with multiple pages of content, clickable links, a contact form and customer reviews. It has really changed the way my business runs. I used to run a slowly dying HVAC business and now I have the most successful one in town. None of the other dealers have thought to use SEO yet. I am the only one that is way ahead of the curve.


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Wanted to reach people in the next town over

My HVAC business has been in the family for years.

We own a little storefront right in the middle of town.

Business had been decent due to being local. I got all the HVAC needs handled for everything in my small area. There are a few towns over that don’t have any HVAC dealerships though. I wanted to reach people ten minutes away from my town. Word of mouth only gets you so far and not a lot of people read the paper anymore. I decided to contact an SEO business to see if I could reach people further out. The SEO team has been amazing at managing all things technical. They got me a website and social media platforms. They used SEM strategies to get me higher on google and my website popping up for people the next few towns over. They used keywords to link to my website. So when you search HVAC service in the next few towns over, I come up. Due to search engine optimization and the SEO services, I am now getting more calls than ever. I have the people in my town and people over 30 minutes away that are using me for all things HVAC. I have gotten so much business that I need to hire two more HVAC contractors in order to handle all the demand. It was such an easy solution to my problem of not reaching people. Digital marketing is the way of the future. It cost hardly anything and it took no time on my part. I am just reaping the benefits.

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Marketing her book is different than HVAC

I work for an SEO company that does HVAC marketing.

I handle building websites and making them rank better on google.

I know how to do search engine optimization and PPC. I also know about all the social media platforms, link building and google ads. I am an expert at targeting keywords for HVAC dealers. My mother is self publishing her book right now. She needs my same services, only in the young adult romance business. It is the same idea, and yet not. She needs targeted keywords so that her book comes up when you search. She needs a good website that has a viewer engaged and interested. She also needs updated social media that grabs attention and is relevant. I am skilled in all things HVAC. I know how to make a website appeal to someone needing a tune up or repair. I know what type of things to put on social media. For book publishing, I am clueless. I have gotten her a built website that I feel pretty good about. My mother is now on twitter and facebook and doing regular posts. I don’t know how to get her a fan base though. Is it good enough that her website ranks on google? I feel like her actual book should be what I focus on. I have tried some PPC strategies on different book and reading websites. So far I have not gotten any luck. I guess with online marketing you are good in your own niche and nothing else. I am hopeful I will get better and help her out.

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Don’t build your own website

Have you seen the ads on TV that say you can make your own website? I am here to tell you that unless you are a professional with web building experience, don’t do it.

It is like someone’s dad trying his hand at HVAC, plumbing or electrical because he has a tool belt.

You would not play against David Beckham in a soccer game because you own a ball. The same thing is making a website because you have a computer. There are certain skills that you need in order to do web building. Have you ever tried code before? Do you even know how to access code? What about link building for your website? A lot more goes into a website than how it looks. How a website ranks on google is SEO and most people don’t have the skills to do this. Ignoring the technical side though, how the website looks is important. Unless you have the experience and a degree, a normal person doesn’t know what attracts the public eye. There is a certain amount of pictures the mind can handle. There are colors that attract attention and colors that repel. Placement of a company phone number is key. The amount of content and quality of content is also important. There should be more than one page on a website. No normal person has the skills to do drop down menus, multiple pages and moving graphics. When you need a website, don’t take it upon yourself. Just hire out web building services. It is not that much money too and you get a way better product.



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