What happens when you don’t get an HVAC inspection

I will tell you first hand what happens when you don’t get your HVAC system inspected on a regular basis.

I had just moved into my house when my first AC system stopped working.

Prior to buying my house I had only ever lived in my parents house, so I never dealt with anything like the HVAC system. I called an HVAC technician and somebody came out to help me right away. The HVAC technician that helped me must have been right out of school though, because he really didn’t have too much to say to me after he installed the AC system. He didn’t mention anything about a service contract for the new AC unit, and he didn’t explain how I should take care of it. Since I was new to HVAC as well I didn’t even know to ask about routine HVAC inspections. Then my HVAC system underwent a few season changes and all of a sudden it stopped working. It wasn’t gradual, the AC system just stopped working. I called the HVAC technician back and he didn’t answer. I realized that the HVAC technician wasn’t in business anymore. I called another HVAC technician and explained to him how I had just bought the system. He told me that he believed there was something that needed to be replaced and he told me he had a ton of HVAC parts in stock. He fixed my AC system in a few minutes and told me he would schedule me for routine HVAC inspections to prevent further damage.

Why you shouldn’t trust every HVAC business to be the same

If you trusted everybody you ever met, you probably wouldn’t get very far in life.

That’s why I am here to tell you about trusting HVAC businesses, it can be a risky game.

I used to trust every business the same, and believe that I could trust all HVAC technicians that I spoke with. Sadly the last HVAC technician that I hired proved me wrong. I found the HVAC technician on Craigslist, and he really ruined my faith in people. This HVAC technician was a few hours late to our first appointment, which should have been enough to get me to cancel our contract, but I figured I really needed my AC unit fixed so I would be patient. Then when the HVAC technician finally showed up he seemed like he was on drugs, but I figured he had just had a long day fixing air conditioners. When then HVAC technician came inside he didn’t take his shoes off and they were very muddy, so he ruined my floors. Then I had to go take my dog for a walk and when I got back the HVAC technician was gone! No note or anything, which I thought was strange. I went over to check on my AC unit and when I did I realized that it wasn’t even there! Not only that, but he had also stolen my TV! I couldn’t believe that the HVAC technician treated me this way, especially since I really needed my AC unit fixed and he knew that. Now I warn everybody about how they should make sure they find a trusted HVAC technician.

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Being used by my girlfriend

About six months ago is the first time that I met my girlfriend, and since the moment we met and later started dating I thought that she was going to be the one.

I had so much fun with her, she had a good sense of humor, and she was gorgeous.

The first few months into our relationship were great, but after a few more months went by I began to notice some strange patterns. One of the biggest things that I noticed was her constantly asking me to help fix her heating and cooling unit. I am a certified HVAC repair tech for my profession, and even though I don’t like doing free repairs for people, I decided to make an exception since we were dating. After I began to fix her heating and cooling unit whenever it was having problems, she also started asking me almost every day if I could get her a sweet deal on the latest and greatest HVAC heating and cooling units. I was talking to my friend about it one day because it was weighing heavy on my mind. Not even a minute after I had finished telling him my story he looks at me and simply says “she’s just using you, dude!” After I finally heard that, it all made sense. All of the endless unofficial service repair checks at her home, the begging for deals on new HVAC units, and the huge list of things I had fixed for her all led to this same conclusion. After I called her out on it, she didn’t even try to deny the fact. It was a bit of a punch in the gut to have been led on for half of a year, but at least I know what to watch out for with my next partner.
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Wedding gifts really saved the day

A few years ago when my partner and I were a few weeks away from tying the knot as husband and wife we weren’t sure if we were going to have enough cash at the end of it all to be able to fix up our home that we had just moved into.

  • We had both graduated college only a few months ago and had a very large amount of student and credit card loans to deal with, and now we had the wedding fees to take into consideration as well.

A few days after we were planning the wedding along with a few ways on how to save some money to repair the home, we received the best gift we could have from my parents. A state of the art heating and cooling unit with an air purification system! One of the worst areas of our new home was the extremely old and run down heating and cooling unit. It was constantly making noises during the night, and it cost us a fortune to run. For the past month or two we only used an old ceiling fan rather than the a/c unit so we didn’t lose out on extra cash. Now with this state of the art heating and cooling unit those problems will be a thing of the past, and we can use the money that we will be saving on our monthly heating and cooling bills towards paying off our loans and other wedding fees. I just hope that some of the other guests that are coming to the wedding give us some gifts that are as generous as what my parents gifted us with, because lord knows we need it!


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Know how on carpenter bees this past year

This past year the two of us have had a real problem with carpenter bees at our house.

These carpenter bees are unusual little creatures.

I’ve always been interested in honey bees plus bumblebees plus their ways of living. I feel that there’s nothing more fascinating than watching bees at labor inside their hives. I love watching documentaries about bees plus their queen plus the drones. However, I had never even heard of carpenter bees before this year. And let me tell you, I have had a excruciating experience with meeting them for the first time! Carpenter bees are bees that love wood. They bore into wood plus they also feed on nectar from flowers… Carpenter bees love to feed on plus make their nests in wood, whether it’s outdated piles of lumber or legitimately in your house! The people I was with and I had a problem with both this Spring. The people I was with and I found a large bees’ nest in a pile of leftover lumber that the two of us had outside by our barn. Upon closer inspection, the two of us figured out that the two of us had a bunch of carpenter bees living out there. Then, to my surprise plus dismay, the two of us found that the two of us had another bunch of them living in the eaves underneath our roof! Since carpenter bees love wood, the two of us found out that whichever bee removal specialist the two of us used would have to use a specialized pesticide treatment to get rid of all of the carpenter bees. They would have to treat all the affected areas with this pesticide treatment, including the nest, in order to eliminate the bees. After that, they need to seal up all of the holes that the bees made so that no other insects will come along plus populate the nests afterwards.



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Getting rid of those bees

Even though bees are legitimately nice for our environment, they can legitimately cause concerns when their hive or nest is too close to people for comfort.

If you have a bee hive or a bees’ nest on your property, you know that they can cause major concerns for people plus critters.

This is especially true if someone in your family has allergies to bees, wasps, or hornets. Bee removal specialists are specially trained in handling stinging insects love wasps, hornets, or bees. They know how to approach plus handle bees with caution plus in the ways that are safest for them plus for the bees. Because occasionally crucial numbers of bees can sting at the same time, most bee removal specialists wear special protective clothing plus suits to protect both themselves plus the bees. Most of these suits are made from thick canvas or other thick material to prevent the bees from being able to sting through the suit. Of course, since bees play such a vital section in making our environment healthy, most bee removal specialists will not remove a hive or a bees’ nest unless it’s obvious that the nest will be an actual threat to people. Sometimes a nest of bee hive will be built in the eave of a roof or up in a tall tree. Whenever that’s the case, bee removal specialists will use a high reach ladder plus a special bee pole made just for bee removal to get to the hive. Make sure that when you’re hiring a bee removal specialist that they are highly trained plus that they have a lot of experience at removing bee hives plus nests.


The magic that comes with owning a smartphone

During the summer, I can use my smartphone to turn on the air conditioning system as I’m leaving work

I honestly can’t wrap my head around how quickly our technology has advanced. It’s amazing to me! Ten years ago, I used to carry a flip phone that could browse the most basic of websites. I could make calls, send texts, and that was about it. Today, you can turn your phone into a literal universal remote! In my own home, I can use my smartphone to manipulate the lighting in my house, activate my alarm system, or even cut power to the entire house. How incredible is that? Of all the features that come with a smartphone, my favorite app would definitely be the program I use to control my heating and air conditioning system. It’s incredible that I can wake up, grab my smartphone, and turn the thermostat up a few degrees to warm the house. Doing this allows me to get out of bed on a cold winter morning, and not freeze as I walk over to the bathroom for a warm shower. During the summer, I can use my smartphone to turn on the air conditioning system as I’m leaving work. This “pre-cools” my house, so that it’s already cool and comfortable by the time I get home. It’s also really useful to me that I can turn on the exhaust fan in the attic on a hot day, so I can quickly pull the excess heat out of the house before the A/C starts running. Technology is an incredible thing… I just hope it doesn’t make me lazy in time.

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Grumpy baby boy needs cooling A/C to take a nap

When you’re a new parent, you try literally anything to soothe your baby.

It could be rocking them to a quiet lullaby, or it could be playing one particular song that helps them relax.

There’s a lot of approaches out there, as every baby is different. For my wife and I, we found early on that our baby boy absolutely hates taking naps! He’s a real busy body like his mom, so he tends to get very cranky when it’s time for a nap. Fortunately for us, the baby does love one thing – cool air conditioning. We used to keep our house around room temperature, but now we keep the air conditioning much cooler at around 72 or 73 degrees. Not only does this help to improve the air quality in our home, but it also helps the baby relax and fall asleep. Plus, I think the air conditioning unit inside our home also makes a comforting white noise. Normally it takes a whole lot of time for him to get to sleep, but the cold air from the A/C unit and the sounds of the whirring air handler seem to put him out like a light. This works in the winter too, as the heating system running in the background helps him – and us – get some sleep. Since we’ve found what works to ease our baby into bed, we just have to make sure that our heating and A/C equipment stays in great condition. So, on top of the expenses that come with having a baby, such as formula, diapers and such, we also had to include the cost of an HVAC service plan. Our monthly budget is just hilariously different from when we weren’t parents!

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He easily adjusted the temperature control settings in the restaurant with his smartphone!

The other day my girlfriend and I went to a pretty nice restaurant.

  • The only thing that bothered me was the air quality.

The air quality was not all that great for such a nice restaurant, and I wanted to see if the manager would adjust the temperature control settings. It was a little muggy and overheated in the place. I figured it was probably because the place was so packed full of people. When I was able to talk to the manager before the food was delivered to our table, I asked him if he could adjust the temperature control settings. I told him it was incredibly hot and muggy, and he agreed that I was right. He said he was so busy making sure all the orders were correct and getting everything out on time, that he didn’t have time to think about the temperature control settings. He said he did feel a little hot himself, but he thought it was because of all the running around. He appreciated that I brought this up to his attention, and he pulled out his phone and tapped on it a few times. Before I knew it, the air conditioning was flowing in the restaurant. I asked him if he just adjusted the temperature control settings on his phone, and he said with pride that they had a smart thermostat! I thought that was the coolest thing I ever seen and I was glad that he did that for us. I could tell a lot of people in the restaurant were relieved when the A/C system kicked on, you could see it on their faces.
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He told me to follow my dreams no matter what

I remember back before my grandfather passed away, he told me to follow my dreams no matter what.

My parents actually put a lot of pressure on me to attend a fancy school, but I remembered what my grandfather told me.

I always wanted to get into a career where I was able to work on things. I always loved to fix things and I decided to go to a trade school to get my HVAC certification. My parents seemed to be a little bit disappointed at first, but they realized that I really loved the type of work I got into. My father is a doctor, and my mother is a nurse. They always made excellent money and believed that you really needed a lot of school to achieve that level of success. Well, I was able to prove to them that I was able to get a very good career with a minimal amount of schooling. Don’t get me wrong, the schooling wasn’t easy as I had to work my butt off to earn my HVAC certification, but it didn’t take as long as most schools. Typically you need 2 years for an Associate’s degree and 4 years for a Bachelor’s degree. It only took me 6 months to get my HVAC certification! I was able to get out in the field in no time and I was making really good money to start. My parents also appreciate the fact that I am able to work on their HVAC system and I save them a good amount of money. I take a great deal of pride in my work, and one of these days I plan on running my own HVAC company.
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