The lady was blocking the intake vent

A customer called me because she was having problems with the heating and AC system.

She told me that the air conditioner was working but it was acting like it wasn’t working very well.

She couldn’t really describe much more of the problem. I scheduled a woman for a repair appointment for the following morning. The woman was the first repair appointment of the day. She looked happy to see me when I arrived. I started looking at the heating and AC equipment. It was in surprisingly good shape. I really didn’t find any problems with the heating and AC equipment. It seemed very strange that there was a problem with the system. I started walking around the house and I heard a very strange vibrating sound. I asked the woman where all of the intake vents were located for the heating and air conditioning system. The woman didn’t have any idea what I was talking about when I asked her about the intake vents. She told me that she moved into the house a couple of weeks ago. She was still unpacking. I looked around the house and I found several boxes in front of the intake vent. The reason why the heating and AC system was not working very well was due to the fact that the intake vent was blocked. If the heating and AC system can’t get any air flow, then it’s not going to work very well. I should have charged the customer a huge fee, but I didn’t charge her anything at all. It was a silly mistake and she was new to the area. I thought it was good customer service.

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