The lady was blocking the intake vent

A customer called me because she was having problems with the heating and AC system.

She told me that the air conditioner was working but it was acting like it wasn’t working very well.

She couldn’t really describe much more of the problem. I scheduled a woman for a repair appointment for the following morning. The woman was the first repair appointment of the day. She looked happy to see me when I arrived. I started looking at the heating and AC equipment. It was in surprisingly good shape. I really didn’t find any problems with the heating and AC equipment. It seemed very strange that there was a problem with the system. I started walking around the house and I heard a very strange vibrating sound. I asked the woman where all of the intake vents were located for the heating and air conditioning system. The woman didn’t have any idea what I was talking about when I asked her about the intake vents. She told me that she moved into the house a couple of weeks ago. She was still unpacking. I looked around the house and I found several boxes in front of the intake vent. The reason why the heating and AC system was not working very well was due to the fact that the intake vent was blocked. If the heating and AC system can’t get any air flow, then it’s not going to work very well. I should have charged the customer a huge fee, but I didn’t charge her anything at all. It was a silly mistake and she was new to the area. I thought it was good customer service.

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The allergy specialist suggested getting an air purifier

My sister has pretty bad allergies, and both of her kids do too. I am probably the only person in the whole family that doesn’t have any allergies. I consider myself to be very lucky, because allergies can be awful. When I was a kid I had minor problems with allergies like itchy eyes, a runny nose, and a sore throat. I take an allergy pill every single day so I don’t have to feel like that when it is springtime. My sister’s kids aren’t so lucky. My sister recently took them to the doctor and the allergy specialist suggested it was time for my sister to buy an air purifier for the kids. The allergy specialist said it might be a good idea to get a whole home air filtration system, but if my sister could not afford that kind of money, then an air purifier would do. My sister and I went to the local hardware store to look for air purifiers. They really didn’t have a lot of different makes and models. The guy behind the counter told me to go to a local HVAC business that has equipment for sale. I looked up the local HVAC business and I called the telephone number to see if they had any air purifiers available. They told me they had plenty of different items in stock and I should come down to the showroom to take a look at the selection. The HVAC technician working at the place was very helpful and knowledgeable. The guy helped us pick out something perfect that was not too expensive.


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Better habits lead to HVAC efficiency

I hate that we are getting ready to say goodbye to February in the not too distant future.

That also means it’s pretty much the end for great winter temperatures and endless blue sky days. Once March arrives, the temperature and humidity levels will steadily rise. And that means the heat pump will come to life again in order to provide the air conditioning that we need. I love the winter because it’s the only time of the year when I’m not thinking about HVAC utility costs. There are roughly 8 months of the year where we need some amount of cooling from the heat pump. So having a respite from being vigilant about cooling costs is nice. That will all come to a close in a matter of weeks. Then, it will be back to making sure that our household HVAC habits are on point. Keeping good heating and cooling habits are the best way to get the most consistent savings when it comes to air conditioning. Of course, you have to start with the air conditioning tune up in order for the HVAC unit to be running at top efficiency. But then, it’s up to us and our HVAC habits to keep that going. That means maintaining a tight seal on the home. We also have to be sure that we are mitigating direct sunlight heating by using the solar shades everyday. It’s the daily commitment to good HVAC behavior and thermostat setting discipline that reliably delivers utility bills that are manageable. We all do our part in this house and it always pays off.


Better habits lead to HVAC efficiency

Updating old house with modern HVAC technology

It still really hasn’t even quite sunk in that the renovations to this house are complete.

We’ve been really working on this house from the day we got the keys.

And that was nearly 2 years ago. This was not a turn key situation where we just walked into perfect central air conditioning and all the modern amenities we’re accustomed to. No, this was the once in a lifetime project that my wife and I had always wanted to do. And if we didn’t actually do it when we did, I don’t think we ever would have. Still, this was not the greatest way to kick off early retirement. Saying goodbye to my office with that perfect zone controlled HVAC wasn’t easy. But we jumped right into renovating this majestic old house so I sure didn’t dwell upon it. Instead, we got about turning a home that was designed and built in the 1920’s into an amazing place to live. Yet, there was just so much to be done. One of the most tricky situations was the heating and cooling. Of course, this house was designed and built prior to residential HVAC being a thing. We live far to the south so heating wasn’t a concern but air conditioning sure was. We dealt with the leftover window air conditioning while we got the place livable. But then, we turned it all over to the HVAC professionals to bring us some modern residential HVAC. We now have just awesome quality heating and air thanks to a ductless multi split heating and cooling system. This thing is awesome and we couldn’t be more pleased. It’s all been done for two weeks now and it’s really awesome.

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No choice but to upgrade to smart thermostat

Finally, I at last actually got something good out of having to put up with a bunch of boys all summer.

My own husband just doesn’t understand why I’m at my wits end with our boys during summer break.

In his mind, the boys are just out of the air conditioning being boys and playing the way they should in the summer. And he is ensconced inside the zone controlled HVAC of his office all summer anyway. So, it’s easy to roll his eyes at me when I complain about the boys. I wish those kids were outside all day. But the fact is that we live in a region where the peak heating hours are brutal outside. That’s when the boys are inside the central air conditioning and getting on my nerves. The fighting and horse play seem to be nearly endless and I’m trying to work from home instead of inside the commercial HVAC of an office. I work part time online in order to add to our monthly income. Plus, I just like what I actually do. But it’s tough to concentrate inside the central air conditioning of my home during the summer. The boys are always loud and boisterous. Last summer though, I did get a smart thermostat due to the boys destroying the old digital thermostat. This had been something that I wanted for a long time. Once the old thermostat was wrecked from a basketball, he had no more excuses when it came to upgrading the thermostat. I simply love the smart thermostat for its convenience and ease of operation. And my husband was shocked by how much the smart thermostat has saved us on heating and air conditioning costs.


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Keeping up with HVAC responsibilities

It’s not too tough to look after the heating and cooling equipment in my home.

This is something I’ve been doing now for nearly 20 years.

When we bought this house, it was our first time being homeowners. I sort of fell naturally into that role as having my own home has always been a top priority for my life. I grew up inside apartments. I really didn’t like not having our own home and the heating and cooling equipment was always old and overwhelmed. For sure, I’m thankful for the way I was raised and my parents are gems. But we didn’t have a lot of money so homeownership just wasn’t in the picture. So when I finished up four years inside a dorm room with radiant heating during college, I was eager to start saving for a downpayment. That also meant getting back to apartment living and more questionable HVAC units. However, I saved every penny and then when I got married, we pooled our savings to buy this house. And the first thing we did was to replace the residential HVAC with the new HVAC equipment. That’s the same HVAC unit that hasn’t given us a moment’s problem over all of these years. But we were sure to get semi annual HVAC maintenance done on the central HVAC unit every single year. And I’ve always been on top of my quality heating and air responsibilities. I always change the dirty air filter on time and I make sure that the HVAC equipment has unobstructed air flow inside and out. The rest, I leave in the capable hands of the HVAC professionals.


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Air conditioning savings made simple

I like it when I’m able to find a solution to situations that aren’t long and drawn out.

That seems to be a rarity these days.

I got a Christmas present this year that ended up being more of a project than present. There were some issues operationally and I just couldn’t seem to find the solution. I spent hours inside the central air conditioning of my home watching online videos, reading FAQ’s and even had my whiz kid have a go. There was a time when I could have simply picked up a phone to get what turned out to be a simple solution. But that’s just not the case anymore. My only product support was emails that just didn’t help from what was supposed to be a help desk. To say I was frustrated is an understatement. But when it comes to saving on air conditioning in the coming months, that solution is a simple one. I start with an air conditioning tune up in the spring. From there, I do my best to get acclimated to the rising temperatures. This is an important step. Otherwise, the heat and humidity seems overwhelming all summer. But I normally leave the air conditioning on by mid May. Yet because I’ve acclimated to the heat, I don’t need as much cooling comfort and the demand for air conditioning is far less on the heat pump. I just roll through the summer with that same thermostat discipline. And the savings are significant. I have plenty of things that I need to spend money on. So not overspending on air conditioning makes a very big difference.

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A/C tune up makes sure the heat pump is most efficient

I could entirely live with this weather year round.

The heat pump is silent, the sun is shining plus the temperatures are just about perfect.

That’s entirely our kind of winter. Too disappointing that it will be coming to an end before long. I just called the heating plus air conditioning company to make our annual appointment for an air conditioner tune up. As soon as I see my truck covered in pollen, I know it’s time to call the heating plus air conditioning professionals. While it may be some time yet before I need an air conditioner all day, I’ll need it in spots before long. As a general practice, I like to wait as long as I can before I just leave the air conditioner on. When you have lived here as long as I have, acclimating to the heat plus humidity is entirely the only way to go. So during the springtime, I leave our windows open as much as possible in order to become more accustomed to the rising temperatures. But of course, we’ll have that random day when temperatures will soar and I may need a little air conditioner to cool down the apartment when I get home from work. This time of year is entirely all about preparing myself plus our house for the heat and humidity that is coming. By June, we are in for weekly temperatures that hover near the 100 degree mark. Now is the time to make sure that our house is sealed up tight plus our residential heating plus air conditioning unit is ready to go. The air conditioner tune up makes sure that our heat pump is not only ready for the load of air conditioner demand but is also running at its most efficient.
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Smart control component knows my pattern

But at home, I have the best residential heating and air conditioning I can get

I like going to work in the winter. And that’s really unusual for most folks who work out in the elements like I do. That’s because the word winter season normally suggests cold temperatures, snow plus ice. If that was the case, I’d never leave the inside of my home and just pour on the heating from the gas furnace. But where I live, the winter season is the perfect time of year to be doing what I do for a living. My business is to transform commercial property with landscaping. That requires me being mostly onsite plus out in the elements. So it makes me a bit sad to see February coming to an end in a few weeks. While we have such a charming springtime in this region, the temperatures rise and the need for air conditioners returns. But June, it’s not a whole lot of fun to be outside working. In fact, I’m onsite at dawn during the summer time in order to get as much work in as possible before the peak heating hours of the morning. After about 2pm, I cut my laborers loose and headed for the air conditioner of our office. However, it’s the central air conditioner of our house that entirely makes the difference. My office is little more than a sort of shed on the side of the storage building where I keep all our equipment. But at home, I have the best residential heating and air conditioning I can get. The smart control component knows our patterns so I walk into the best cooling comfort I could ever ask for at the end of my morning.

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Heating and A/C issue finally resolved

So just this past springtime, I finally figured out that there were interior walls added by the previous owner.

It took nearly 6 years even though I finally figured out the cause and the solution of a heating plus air conditioning anomaly that has stumped me. The home we live in has an area in it where the heating plus cooling just isn’t as effective. We noticed this pretty hastily as my kid ended up switching to a different room. We moved in the fall and by the time the gas furnace came on that winter, our kid was always cold. And once I sort of took notice of that end of the house, I could see just what she was experiencing. So that room sort of became a storage section and last resort guest room. Actually, there was so little heating plus cooling in that room that if we had additional guests, one of us had to give up their living room. I even called the heating plus air conditioning company out to see if the gas oil furnace plus the air conditioner were messed up. The heating and air conditioning specialist ran tests on every inch of the heating plus air conditioning unit plus said it was all in tip top shape. That was fantastic to know considering that the residential heating plus air conditioning was substituted just prior to us buying the house. So just this past springtime, I finally figured out that there were interior walls added by the previous owner. And this is what caused a disruption in the heating plus cooling transmission. So I installed some room to room ventilation fans inside those walls. Immediately, that area of the home had the same quality heating plus air as the rest of the house.



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