Is it beneficial to clean air ducts regularly?

On the last service call, my HVAC technician recommended that I clean my air ducts.

I was caught off guard by his recommendation because I have had many HVAC units over the years, and I have never been told to have my air ducts cleaned.

Based on what my HVAC technician said, cleaning the air ducts can improve the air quality in my home. In addition, it would also eliminate or reduce the buildup of mold, dust, debris, insect carcasses, and more. Furthermore, he mentioned that cleaning the air ducts can improve the efficiency of the HVAC unit as well as extend the lifespan of it. Lastly, if there are any weird odors inside your home that are caused from the HVAC unit, then cleaning the air ducts could eliminate them. As you can tell, my HVAC technician provided a ton of benefits to cleaning my air ducts and to be honest, I am surprised that no other HVAC provider has ever recommended this service to me. I am glad that my HVAC technician brought this to my attention because having clean indoor air quality is important to me. And surprisingly, the cost of performing this service is quite affordable. My HVAC technician also performs this service and he quoted me less than $400 to clean my air ducts. He provided this quote a few weeks ago and though I have not yet agreed to the cleaning, it is something that I am considering. I would like my indoor air quality to be at its cleanest and having my HVAC air ducts cleaned might just be the best way to accomplish that.

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When should you purchase a new HVAC unit?

This means, you’ll be spending extra money to fix the unit which could add up over time.

I have had my car for about 5 years now, and I make sure that I get an oil change regularly. In addition to the oil change, I perform certain maintenance on the car to make sure that the life will be extended. I know that I will need to eventually replace the car when it gets to the point where it begins to break down and I am spending extra money to fix it. Depending on maintenance, some cars can last up to 300,000 miles. While this is not the norm, it is certainly possible if the car is well maintained over the years. Inside my home, there are certain equipment that need to be regularly maintained so that it can perform better. One of which is the HVAC unit. If the unit is well-maintained, it can easily last longer than expected. Most HVAC units have a lifespan that lasts between 15 to 20 years, and after that point, the unit will lose efficiency. In addition to losing its efficiency, the unit will also begin to malfunction more than normal. This means, you’ll be spending extra money to fix the unit which could add up over time. If an HVAC unit is near or over the 15 or 20 year mark, it’s time to consider replacing it. Not only will purchasing a new HVAC save you money on your energy bill, but it will also make your home more comfortable. So, most HVAC providers will recommend replacing the unit if it’s near or at its expiration and when it begins to malfunction more than normal.

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A rodent in the whole home heating system

My four-year-old son could not sleep, and when I asked him why he said he could hear something moving around.

I was so sleepy, so I took him to my bed.

Before I fell asleep, I heard something moving in the ducts, or at least I thought I did. The following day I called the local heating business. I did not tell them something was moving in the conduits; instead, I said our whole-home heating system needed repair. This was partially true because the heat pump was working just fine. We always schedule annual heater maintenance to help with indoor comfort. The HVAC professional that installed the system told me that care and tune-up were vital to ensure optimal performance when it came to both old and new heating equipment. When the heating technician arrived, I told her the real issue. I expected her to laugh, but she told me it was a more common issue than I thought. She said that she had seen more bizarre matters in the one decade she had worked for the heating company. Seema, there was much more about heating and other things in the heating industry. The tech inspected the heat pump installation and conducted duct cleaning so that the rodent would be forced out of its hiding place and find the opening from which it had entered. She then checked the smart thermostat and fireplace for good measure. Not even in my wildest dreams did I ever see myself calling a heating dealer because of a rodent, but if it meant having the bed to myself again, I would do anything.

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Importance of people skills in the heating business

I learned earlier in my career that being charismatic can take you places and have people do things for you or with you.

I have been an HVAC professional in the heating business for about eight years, and I love it.

During my first year, I took a customer service course that trained me to talk to customers while keeping in mind that they do not know more about heating and might ask ridiculous questions about help with indoor comfort and need careful explanations. The training has caused me to make friends with a lot of my customers, like Marjorie. She owns a diner and makes some of the best pies I have ever had. I once took my heating company colleagues to the shop after a job, and they thoroughly enjoyed the pies. I met Marjorie two years ago when I did her heat pump installation. We have been friends ever since, and she calls me whenever she needs help with her whole-home heating system. She called me last week complaining that her heat pump was making some unusual noise that kept her awake at night. She also said the air quality differed from when I did the heater maintenance several months ago. I scheduled repairs, and we set off to her house. Dirty air filters were the cause of the unusual noise and the poor air quality. The heating dealer got HEPA filters we installed for Marjorie, who had no clue about the improving technology taking over the heating industry. As was the custom for Marjorie, she offered the heating technicians pies and lemonade after we restored her system, and it was running like a new heating device. We chatted with her for a while before proceeding to the next job, where we would install a smart thermostat.



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Christmas shopping that included a new heating device

With summers and winters getting extreme each year, my husband and I have decided to forego our annual Christmas trip and instead invest the money in a new heating system for our house. The past winter was a nightmare for our family; our whole-home heating system failed during the coldest month. Before it failed, we experienced sudden shutdowns with the heat pump, which indicated a problem. We had to move to my parent’s house for a week as the HVAC professional came around to assess the situation. The heating company’s specialist found that the air conditioning filter needed replacement despite us having changed it a month before winter started. They also found out that our home’s heat pump installation was inefficient for our home and would need to be changed for us to avoid more issues in the future. The heating technician explained that repair and heater maintenance was a temporary fix that would help with indoor comfort for the rest of winter. However, apart from a routine air conditioner tune-up at the end of the season, we would need to invest in new equipment. We thought a new system was a bit extreme and even believed the specialist was only looking to find more customers for their heating business. After learning more about the heating challenges that our neighbors, who moved into the area around the same time as we did, were facing, we realized it was not a scheme. Our Christmas shopping now consists of contacting the heating dealer for consultation and learning about the best heating and cooling products in the heating industry for our home. Funding out about the smart thermostat was a pleasant surprise, and we would include it in our new home heating system.


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New heating equipment as an anniversary gift

The whole home heating system was almost as noisy as an old diesel generator; not even my prized HVAC care methods were working.

My husband kept saying that it huffed and puffed every time we started it before it could start running.

It needed to do more to improve air quality and help with indoor comfort no matter how often we replaced the air conditioning filter, and because of this, we bought an air purifier. Whenever I browsed the internet, I looked for a heating business that offered a different heater maintenance program that would help the situation. My quest to look for a heater tune-up led me to learn more about heating. One morning Tyler woke up and told me to take him to the store. He insisted that he had seen something online and wanted to try it out. When he drove past the store, I demanded where we were going. We parked outside the building where his close friend, an HVAC professional, works. Since he had ceased talking to me, I just followed him. We walked into the heating company’s expert office, and Tyler told him the reason for our visit. The heating technician explained various products in the heating industry and their advantages. We were probably window shopping, but before we left, we had decided and selected a day for inspection. When the heating dealer came, he made the necessary calculations and assured us that the conduits were acceptable and only needed ductwork cleaning. After years we would finally have new heating equipment. The technology that the heat pump uses, accompanied by a smart thermostat, was just what we needed. When they finished the heat pump installation, Tyson told me the equipment was our thirtieth-anniversary gift.


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Local HVAC company so helpful during our recent move

I’m still not so happy about the way things turned out.

  • Moving here was something that my wife and I just didn’t think would be in the cards.

But the economy really shook the company I work for and I really didn’t have much choice. When the big bosses call you into the splendid air conditioning of the conference room, it gets your attention. I was sitting across from three layers of bosses who were pressing me to come to this office and straighten things out. That is not the easiest position to find yourself in. And it’s even tougher to say no. I’ve only worked for one company since I left college. And I definitely made my bones early in my career by being willing to take on the tough challenges. This led to my wife and I having to move all around the country. We went from winters where we had to have a gas furnace running all the time to really hot summers and tons of air conditioning. But finally, we were assured that we could finally put down some roots. And that’s exactly what we did by buying a house and renovating it. We got the kitchen of our dreams as well as the latest in residential HVAC and HVAC technology. But as soon as everything was done, we had to sell it. I will give high praise to the local HVAC company as they were very helpful when it came to relocating. Our HVAC professionals actually put together a list of new HVAC companies where we were moving. So at least we have that going for us.

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Disappointed with dinner out and the lack of good heating and cooling

It was apparent as soon as we walked through the door of this restaurant that my wife and I had been dying to try.

The commercial HVAC was either overwhelmed or not even turned on.

Of course, we live in a region where the heat and humidity can be intense particularly during the summer. But we went to this restaurant in October when the temperatures were much more reasonable. October temperatures can still be quite warm so there is still some demand for air conditioning. But that probably goes double for a restaurant. Given the outside temperature and the fact that there are all kinds of hot surfaces in a commercial kitchen, one would think HVAC would be a priority. The restaurant itself was nice enough inside and had a nice little unique quality to it. The service seemed good and attentive for as long as we were there. My wife and I looked at each other pretty quick after being seated at our table. We were both thinking the same thing which was where was the air conditioning. The waiter came by and took our drink orders and actually that’s as far as we got. My wife and I finished our cocktails and asked for the check. It stuns me that a place a business doesn’t invest in quality commercial HVAC. I guess we won’t be going back there. And that’s such a shame because we really enjoy dining out. And we always make a point of going to locally owned restaurants. We’d much rather give our money to a small business owner than a big corporation. But if they can’t get the air conditioning right, I’m not sure that they are ready to be doing business.


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Turn to the HVAC professionals for service and repair

I’m still learning what it takes to be a homeowner. In my mind, I guess I thought it would be all green lights once I signed the papers and got the keys to the front door. But that was really just the beginning. To actually get into a house, I had to go with one that needed a whole lot of care. So right away, I had to get to work. One of the first things we had to do was to replace the heating and cooling equipment. Of course, that’s the domain of the HVAC professional. I’m not dumb enough to think that I could even work on an HVAC unit much less install one. But I have plenty of buddies who think on that level and have been really disappointed by the outcome of their actions. So I definitely took note of that. Once the new HVAC unit was installed, I immediately turned to the HVAC company again. This time, it was more about protecting my investment. I ended up joining the HVAC service plan the very day after the residential HVAC was installed. For sure, just like any other essential appliance, the residential HVAC needs attention. Most of us don’t think twice about getting an oil change for the car. But we sort of ignore the heating and cooling equipment at our peril. I’m glad to have consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance to protect my residential HVAC. And of course, if I ever run into any kind of issue, I would turn to the HVAC professionals as well.

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Heat pump is the go to around here

There were plenty of things that I had to get accustomed to when I moved from the north. And I didn’t just move a bit, I moved all the way down south. For sure, I don’t regret it at all. I love the fact that I’m not paying high heating bills because my gas furnace is running non stop. And just being able to be outside in the sun is a big bonus for sure. I love the weather down here this time of year. That was easy to get accustomed to. But the summer was another thing altogether. I remember my first summer down here and it was extreme to say the least. The level of heat and humidity in this region is staggering. Of course, I heard all about this before I moved down here. But experiencing this kind of summer heat is much different then simply acknowledging that it exists. But thankfully, there is a go to residential HVAC solution to that heat. It was clear from the moment I moved down here that the heat pump was definitely the heating and cooling equipment of choice. And for obvious reasons I might add. There isn’t much need for heating but the heat pump can supply any level of heat that we need in this region. But the primary function of a heat pump really is cooling off house. It’s been 5 years now and I’m becoming more acclimated to that sort of level of heat. But I’m sure glad to have the heat pump in my corner.


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