The allergy specialist suggested getting an air purifier

My sister has pretty bad allergies, and both of her kids do too. I am probably the only person in the whole family that doesn’t have any allergies. I consider myself to be very lucky, because allergies can be awful. When I was a kid I had minor problems with allergies like itchy eyes, a runny nose, and a sore throat. I take an allergy pill every single day so I don’t have to feel like that when it is springtime. My sister’s kids aren’t so lucky. My sister recently took them to the doctor and the allergy specialist suggested it was time for my sister to buy an air purifier for the kids. The allergy specialist said it might be a good idea to get a whole home air filtration system, but if my sister could not afford that kind of money, then an air purifier would do. My sister and I went to the local hardware store to look for air purifiers. They really didn’t have a lot of different makes and models. The guy behind the counter told me to go to a local HVAC business that has equipment for sale. I looked up the local HVAC business and I called the telephone number to see if they had any air purifiers available. They told me they had plenty of different items in stock and I should come down to the showroom to take a look at the selection. The HVAC technician working at the place was very helpful and knowledgeable. The guy helped us pick out something perfect that was not too expensive.


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