The ductwork system also has to be cleaned regularly

It’s not that I am totally paranoid when it comes to germs.

No, I’m more like just mostly paranoid about germs.

This is why I put a priority on keeping our perfectly Heating & Air Conditioning controlled dwelling genuinely clean. It’s a full modern dwelling here, so I have to be sure that I am constantly on top of the cleaning. Fortunately, I have some help from my fiance who does almost half of the cleaning duties. There are those days when we both get home & all we just want to rest & soak up the Heating & Air Conditioning comfort. However, we regularly urge each other on & get to our designated cleaning chores before we get to preparing dinner. As long as we are able to keep up with doing those after task chores, we don’t actually fall behind. But, it sure would be great to just kick back in the Heating & Air Conditioning & have a glass of wine. The Heating & Air Conditioning appliance also came up not so long ago with regard to keeping the dwelling perfectly clean. As we were getting ready for bed, I noticed that my fiance was checking out the Heating & Air Conditioning vent on the ceiling. He thought he noticed a discoloration near the vent. Upon closer inspection, it was really dirty. Both of us came to realize almost simultaneously that the Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC ducts had never been cleaned before that moment. The following day, I was on the phone to our local Heating & Air Conditioning appliance people. I had no clue in the slightest that the Heating & Air Conditioning ducts were supposed to be cleaned. They were kind enough to set us up with an appointment with another supplier who does nothing but clean the HVAC vents. Now, we are honestly resting a bit more easy knowing that the Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC ducts are completely clean. They also resealed all the duct joints also!

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