Nobody touches the thermostat except for Mom and myself

I get really made when people come to my home and adjust the temperature control settings for my HVAC equipment.

Who do you think you are? Do you pay for the heating and cooling bills in my home? You better get out of here with that nonsense! I don’t go into other people’s homes and adjust their temperature control settings.

That would be as rude as digging into their fridge and helping yourself to whatever food they have. Sure, why not just grab some liquor from my liquor cabinet too! The nerve of some people! I don’t even like it when my own children want to adjust the temperature control settings, but sometimes I hear them fighting about it. I always end up yelling at everybody and say that nobody should be touching the temperature control except for Mom and myself. Nobody else is allowed! I tell the kids that when they move out and get a place of their own to call home, that’s when they can worry about the temperature control settings. They will learn around that time how expensive it is to keep the home at the right temperature. Then they will know to take it easy on the temperature control settings so that they can save some money. It’s never easy sacrificing comfort to save money, but it’s something you have to learn. You can always use a humidifier or something to make you feel more comfortable when you have to cut back. I use a humidifier all the time and it does a great job at improving the air quality and makes me feel far more comfortable.