The worst AC technicians in town

My boss is the biggest cheapskate I have ever met.

  • He likes to drive a nice car, and present himself as a guy who has money to spare, but around the office he is the definition of a skinflint.

It’s one thing to be tight when it comes to raises and bonuses, because every boss I’ve ever had has been like that. It is clearly another thing to tell people to “cut back” on using toilet paper and hand towels in the bathroom. There is a coffee pot, but the employees have to supply the coffee, sugar, and creamer. When the AC broke down, the first response from the boss was to open the windows and bring in box fans from home. That was straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, because it was 90 degree plus out there, and we could not work as professionals without some kind of cooling. He hemmed and he hawed about it over the weekend, but when we came to work on monday there was a pair of HVAC techs up on the roof banging away. By the end of the day those dudes were still up on the roof, still working hard, but the AC in the office was still not working. True to form, my boss had went out and found the cheapest HVAC company in the town and paid them bottom dollar for low tier work. On the second day the cooling started to work, but on day three, somehow, it was broken again. I need a new job.


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