Getting heated flooring

I have a friend who is entirely nuts, however he cares a good deal about the temperature control settings in his home.

The thing is, he consistently finds something wrong with the Heating plus A/C plus is never pleased, even when he has Heating plus A/C maintenance workers over to his place.

He has moved so more than 2 times, I have lost count. It’s annoying to have to visit him at all these peculiar places. He has been in places with roommates, plus more than 2 places on his own. He prefers to be on his own because he consistently fights with roommates over the temperature control settings. He gets miserable when anything goes wrong with the heating plus cooling systems! Landlords have a hard time with him because he’s consistently getting on their case about taking care of the regular Heating plus A/C system maintenance. He also gets them to pay for the air filters plus he insists on getting the most expensive air filters. I think it’s good that he enjoys good temperature control settings plus comfort, however I absolutely wish he would stop moving all the time. I think it has to be something more than just looking for better temperature control settings. However, one day he moved to this place that had radiant radiant heated floors. I had to admit, that was the nicest gas furnace I ever was able to enjoy. I seriously hope he doesn’t end up finding some deranged excuse to move away from this place with the radiant radiant heated floors! I care about going to see as much as possible just so I can care about such a fantastic gas furnace. I think if he does end up moving again, I might have to invest in radiant radiant heated floors at our place!

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