Updating old house with modern HVAC technology

It still really hasn’t even quite sunk in that the renovations to this house are complete.

We’ve been really working on this house from the day we got the keys.

And that was nearly 2 years ago. This was not a turn key situation where we just walked into perfect central air conditioning and all the modern amenities we’re accustomed to. No, this was the once in a lifetime project that my wife and I had always wanted to do. And if we didn’t actually do it when we did, I don’t think we ever would have. Still, this was not the greatest way to kick off early retirement. Saying goodbye to my office with that perfect zone controlled HVAC wasn’t easy. But we jumped right into renovating this majestic old house so I sure didn’t dwell upon it. Instead, we got about turning a home that was designed and built in the 1920’s into an amazing place to live. Yet, there was just so much to be done. One of the most tricky situations was the heating and cooling. Of course, this house was designed and built prior to residential HVAC being a thing. We live far to the south so heating wasn’t a concern but air conditioning sure was. We dealt with the leftover window air conditioning while we got the place livable. But then, we turned it all over to the HVAC professionals to bring us some modern residential HVAC. We now have just awesome quality heating and air thanks to a ductless multi split heating and cooling system. This thing is awesome and we couldn’t be more pleased. It’s all been done for two weeks now and it’s really awesome.

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