The greatest HVAC technician in the world!

My husband thinks he is the best heating and cooling repairman in the world.

I think he’s right about that – to a certain extent.

We live in a small town, but there are several HVAC companies around here, all vying to be number one in the area. Special offers are regularly offered to entice customers. I suppose that’s a great thing as far as pricing goes, because people who don’t have a regular HVAC contractor can try someone out to see who they end up liking the best. Super-competitive specials are always going on. It’s good for them because it helps them to get new customers, but my husband usually uses these lucrative specials as an excuse to brag about the fact that he thinks that he is the undoubtedly best Heating, Ventilation, and A/C serviceman on the planet. He may undoubtedly well be the best HVAC specialist in town, but is he the best one on the planet? Probably not! He attracts considerable business for the HVAC company that he works for, though. People call up who only want to work with him. The women actually seem to appreciate him. It’s a good thing that I am not a jealous person, because all of the older female clients think that he is the cutest guy ever. I suppose that’s why they ask for him, not because he’s the best service man.

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