The flu and nosebleeds

I have had flu symptoms my whole life, but only recently have I started having them so much that they have brought on nosebleeds. A nosebleed is something that I’ve never even had, until the past couple of months. Nosebleeds are the worst! This year, the flu symptoms around here have been extremely intense, and I know that they are the root cause of my nosebleeds. They are coming several times a week now, and they are driving me completely crazy! I dislike the way that they make me feel. It finally got so excruciating that I ended up having to go see my allergy nurse about it. He told me that instead of taking more medication and drawing my nose out even more, he would recommend that I call my heating and cooling systems company instead.When he said that, a light bulb went off inside my head! I had never even thought about calling a heating and cooling expert to see if they could do something in my home to help my troubles. Apparently, they get calls all the time from people with excruciating flu symptoms. When I talked to the heating and cooling services person who answered the phone, he told me that they could come out and install a UV light air purification light for me. UV light media air cleaners, he said, have helped many people in the past who had been dealing with allergy troubles. I told him to sign me up, and tomorrow they are going to come and install it for me. I am so happy about the fact that this might solve my problems! I should have done this a long time ago!

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