The flu and nosebleeds

I have had flu symptoms my whole life, but only recently have I started having them so much that they have brought on nosebleeds. A nosebleed is something that I’ve never even had, until the past couple of months. Nosebleeds are the worst! This year, the flu symptoms around here have been extremely intense, and I know that they are the root cause of my nosebleeds. They are coming several times a week now, and they are driving me completely crazy! I dislike the way that they make me feel. It finally got so excruciating that I ended up having to go see my allergy nurse about it. He told me that instead of taking more medication and drawing my nose out even more, he would recommend that I call my heating and cooling systems company instead.When he said that, a light bulb went off inside my head! I had never even thought about calling a heating and cooling expert to see if they could do something in my home to help my troubles. Apparently, they get calls all the time from people with excruciating flu symptoms. When I talked to the heating and cooling services person who answered the phone, he told me that they could come out and install a UV light air purification light for me. UV light media air cleaners, he said, have helped many people in the past who had been dealing with allergy troubles. I told him to sign me up, and tomorrow they are going to come and install it for me. I am so happy about the fact that this might solve my problems! I should have done this a long time ago!

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Going to the zoo tomorrow with a friend

My kids and I are supposed to be going to the zoo tomorrow with my neighbor and her kids, but it is going to be way too hot for us to have fun.

The weather around here has been intense lately, and tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid-90s.

Walking around the zoo outside with no air conditioning anywhere around, it feels like you are going to melt. How long will we last there? I don’t know! I tried to get them to reschedule, but nobody seems to want to listen to me for some reason. I am certain the weather is going to start cooling off soon, and that would be a much better time to go to the zoo. Of course, that’s my opinion. If we wait too long, my neighbors insist, they won’t be able to go because they will be back in school by then, and they say they won’t have any free time for things like zoo days. Certainly, they have a point, but I don’t have to go back to school. For me, whenever the weather starts cooling off, it is the perfect time to go to places like the zoo. I personally dislike being outside when the temperature outside is so hot. I’m just one of those people who loves air conditioning. I’m hoping that if we don’t cancel the trip tomorrow, I will be able to deal with the hot weather without getting into a miserable mood.

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Getting a terrific deal on radiant heated flooring

Earlier this summer, we were able to score a terrific deal on radiant heated flooring.

This isn’t something people think about over the summer, but my spouse and I decided we wanted to do this late last year.

We waited until summer to get it installed because this is the off season, and prices are better. I bet it just makes a lot more sense to buy something like this during these off months when they are not in high demand. This was all my partner’s idea; I would have never thought about the fact that I would need to wait until the summer to get a great deal on radiant heated flooring. My husband knew this, and suggested it, and he was absolutely right. I was pretty mad at him because he waited so long to talk to the HVAC corporation about getting the radiant heated flooring installed but turns out he just wanted to wait until the price was right. I have to admit, my partner is usually right whenever it comes to things like this. I don’t usually have the best ideas about things like that, but he usually knows exactly what’s up when it comes to getting the best deals. This often includes home improvement projects. The style of radiant heated flooring we purchased is going to be great during the winter, when the weather starts cooling off. I can’t wait for this time because I really want to start using this new oil furnace.

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Conflicting schedules when you’re married to an HVAC worker

Working out schedules is sometimes challenging when you’re married to a heating and cooling systems specialist.

It’s one of those things that I have learned the hard way after being married to my husband for many years.

We have had to learn how to work things out between us over the years. As an HVAC contractor, he is always working whenever I think that he shouldn’t, but he always says he can’t help it. Does he have to go to work whenever his boss says that he has to? I suspect he does, but occasionally I wonder if he volunteers to work to avoid other things, such as family events, especially when it’s something that we are supposed to be doing with my family. I think that he isn’t worried about getting out of some of the family dinners and parties that my side of the family has periodically. My husband doesn’t try to hide the fact he would rather not participate in things sometimes, so it’s easy to suspect this is what’s happening. Naturally, HVAC workers have to be on call sometimes, so I usually just let it go. I try to stay out of it, and I try not to fight with him about it, unless I just can’t help it. But the scheduling thing is hard sometimes. Heating and cooling workers have to work long hours, something I need to be used to.

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My brother, the arrogant

My younger brother is a local HVAC worker.

He is great at what he does, but whatever you do, don’t compliment him on this.

My brother is easily the most conceited person that I have ever met in my life. Providing him with even a small compliment gets him to take it and run with it. He works for a large heating and cooling services company here in town. He thinks he is the best HVAC service man that has ever walked the earth! My brother has always been this way, and it is so annoying! Why is he like this? My sisters and older brother are not like this at all, and neither am I! It’s just my little brother, and he gets worse and worse all the time. He just so happened to win a sales contest at the HVAC corporation where he works. Lately he has been just impossible to be around! Now, he thinks that he’s not only the best HVAC service guy in the world, however he’s also the best salesperson in the world. I can hardly even stand being around him anymore at this point, he’s so intolerable these days. I suppose that it’s annoying to other people too. Most of the time, my brother doesn’t even notice it! The fact he doesn’t realize this about himself makes it even worse.

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Living down here is just the worst

What was I thinking when I decided to move to the South? Living here is just the absolute worst! Wasn’t it supposed to be nice to live here, where it was always sunny and warm? Now that I live here, I hate it.

That the temperature is typically in the 70s means that you don’t ever get a chance to start cooling off, and I really dislike that.

I despise the humidity, and the fact that bugs are the size of small birds! Seriously! I never knew how painful it would be until I got moved in, and then it was too late. Now, I am totally regretting my decision to move here, and I wish I was still up North, where the weather was colder! Did I really use to think this is what I wanted? I did, when I lived in the North. At that point, I was just sick and tired of paying so much to heat my home, and I just wanted to go anywhere warmer. Now that I have done that, I know that it was a big mistake. Getting warmer is so much easier than cooling down, in my opinion. I know that the air conditioning bills here are going to drain my bank account before too long, and I wish that I were still dealing with heating bills instead! I suppose it’s too little, too late, and I am just going to have to get accustomed to the excruciating high temperatures down here.

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Getting a great deal is my partner's number one thing

Landing a great deal on major purchases is extremely important to my husband.

If he cannot get a great deal on something, then he won’t waste his hard-earned money on buying it.

He talks about this all the time, almost to the point where it drives me crazy! Sometimes he just won’t stop complaining about the price of something, or about how he wants to shop around and wait until he can find a better deal on something. I just want to find what I want, and then buy it and be done with it! He is the complete opposite! He is the king of shopping around and occasionally it makes me want to scream! I know he saves us a lot of money by doing things this way, but that doesn’t mean I love it, that’s for sure! The last time something like this happened, it was with our central air conditioning. I had noticed that the house wasn’t cooling off the way that it should have and I mentioned it to my partner. He said it was time for us to get a new central air conditioner, but he wanted to shop around to ensure he could find us the best deal on the planet; unfortunately for me, the temperature outside was very hot, and I didn’t want to wait around for him to find the best deal on an air conditioner. We got into a big fight about it, because I just wanted for him to hurry up and get the current air conditioner installed!
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The greatest HVAC technician in the world!

My husband thinks he is the best heating and cooling repairman in the world.

I think he’s right about that – to a certain extent.

We live in a small town, but there are several HVAC companies around here, all vying to be number one in the area. Special offers are regularly offered to entice customers. I suppose that’s a great thing as far as pricing goes, because people who don’t have a regular HVAC contractor can try someone out to see who they end up liking the best. Super-competitive specials are always going on. It’s good for them because it helps them to get new customers, but my husband usually uses these lucrative specials as an excuse to brag about the fact that he thinks that he is the undoubtedly best Heating, Ventilation, and A/C serviceman on the planet. He may undoubtedly well be the best HVAC specialist in town, but is he the best one on the planet? Probably not! He attracts considerable business for the HVAC company that he works for, though. People call up who only want to work with him. The women actually seem to appreciate him. It’s a good thing that I am not a jealous person, because all of the older female clients think that he is the cutest guy ever. I suppose that’s why they ask for him, not because he’s the best service man.

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I was able to service the air conditioning myself

I am so proud of myself right now. I figured out what was wrong with the air conditioning system, and I was able to get it fixed myself! This is something that has never happened for me in all of my adult life! I have never been able to service anything on my own. I just don’t think that I am great at fixing things, or at doing home projects. It’s just not my strong suit, honestly. I am great at lots of other things; for instance, watching movies and reading books. I’m also great at eating pizza. I am not good at anything else, when it involves any style of critical thinking or tools. Fixing things was something I never learned to do from my dad when I was growing up. He wasn’t actually a handy guy, either, so there wasn’t much that I could learn from him; anyway, last week, my air conditioning tore up in my home, and I was somehow, magically, able to figure out what the problem was myself. I looked up a video online, and I watched it over and over until it made sense to me. Then I bought the little area that I needed at the local hardware store and I fixed it, but now, my air conditioning system is actually working just nice, and I am beyond impressed with myself. Now that I have this ability to fix things around the house, should I go into work as a handyman?

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The condenser coils were so dirty

We just found out that the condenser coils were so dirty on our air conditioning machine that it tore up the whole air conditioner system! I cannot imagine that we let this happen, but this could have been prevented.

Procrastination is our problem.

This is something that my partner and I typically have long had problems with! Whether it’s taking too long to get the car fixed, or some kind of landscaping issue, or now, our HVAC system, we put all kinds of things off that we really shouldn’t. It’s just one of those things that we need to work on. I think that we have to do work on our heating and cooling system, however it’s just never something that is at the top of my mind when it comes to the jobs that I need to get done. I mean, I don’t actually ever think about our air conditioning system at all unless there is a problem with it. It’s concerning that the only time we ever think about the air conditioning is whenever our home stops cooling off the way that it is supposed to. The only time we ever think about it is if it’s broken! That’s what happened earlier this week. The air conditioner wasn’t cooling the home off like we wanted, and we didn’t know what was wrong with it. We made an air conditioner service appointment with a local company, and when the repair worker got here, they told us what the problem was. It was actually embarrassing to learn that the condenser coils on the air conditioner machine were so filthy that the system wouldn’t even run!


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