My pollen irritations are causing nosebleeds

Pollen allergies have followed me all my life, but only recently have I started having them so much that they are causing these nosebleeds.

A nosebleed is something that I have never even had – not even once – up until these past couple of months.

Nosebleeds are the worst! This year, the pollen irritations around here have been extra awful, and I think that they are the root cause of my nosebleeds. I have been having them once or twice a month, and they are driving me absolutely crazy. I hate the way they make me feel – so uncomfortable! It finally got so bad that I ended up seeing a specialist about it. Instead of taking more medication and drawing my nose out even more, he insisted that I call my heating and air conditioning supplier instead.When he said that, a light bulb went off in my mind. I had never even thought about calling the heating and air supplier! Can they do something for my house to help me with my concerns? Apparently, they get calls all the time from people who have awful pollen reactions. When I talked to the heating and air conditioning staff member on the phone, he told me that they could come out and install a UV light air purification idea for me. He said that the UV light whole-home air purifiers have helped many people in the past who have been dealing with flu symptom concerns. I told him to sign me up; tomorrow, they are going to come and install it for me. I am so enthusiastic about the fact that this might help my issues! I should have done this a long time ago.


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