My brother, the arrogant

My younger brother is a local HVAC worker.

He is great at what he does, but whatever you do, don’t compliment him on this.

My brother is easily the most conceited person that I have ever met in my life. Providing him with even a small compliment gets him to take it and run with it. He works for a large heating and cooling services company here in town. He thinks he is the best HVAC service man that has ever walked the earth! My brother has always been this way, and it is so annoying! Why is he like this? My sisters and older brother are not like this at all, and neither am I! It’s just my little brother, and he gets worse and worse all the time. He just so happened to win a sales contest at the HVAC corporation where he works. Lately he has been just impossible to be around! Now, he thinks that he’s not only the best HVAC service guy in the world, however he’s also the best salesperson in the world. I can hardly even stand being around him anymore at this point, he’s so intolerable these days. I suppose that it’s annoying to other people too. Most of the time, my brother doesn’t even notice it! The fact he doesn’t realize this about himself makes it even worse.

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