I was able to fix the air conditioner myself

I am so proud of myself right now.

I discovered what was wrong with our air conditioner and I was able to get it fixed myself.

Never has this happened before in my entire adult life! I have never been able to fix anything on my own. I just don’t have the right skills and knowledge about fixing things or at doing most home projects. It’s just not my strong suit. I am great at lots of other things. For instance, I am truly good at watching movies and reading books. I’m also unbelievable at eating pizza. I am not usually good at anything else, especially when it involves critical thinking or using tools of some sort. Growing up, I never learned much about fixing things from dad; he wasn’t truly a handy kind of guy, so there wasn’t much that I could learn from him when it came to stuff like that. However, last week, our air conditioner tore up in our house, and I was somehow magically able to figure out what the problem was myself. I looked up a video online; I watched it over and over until it eventually made sense to me! Then I bought the little part that I needed at a local hardware store, and I fixed it, and now, our air conditioner is working well. I am beyond impressed with myself. Now that I have this newly found ability to fix things around the house, should I go into business as a handyman?

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