Getting a good deal is my partner’s goal

Getting an unbeatable deal is my husband’s number one priority shopping. If he cannot get a good deal on something, then there is no way he’ll take his hard-earned money and buy it. He talks about this all the time, almost to the point it drives me crazy, and sometimes he just won’t stop complaining about the price of something – or about how he wants to shop around and wait until he can find a better deal on whatever we want. Personally, I just want to find what I want and then buy it, and be done with it. My husband is the opposite; he is the king of shopping around and sometimes it makes me want to scream. Certainly he saves us a whole lot of money by doing things this way, however that doesn’t mean that I like it, that’s for sure! The last time something like this happened, it was with our central air conditioner unit. I had noticed that the house wasn’t truly cooling off the way that it should have been and I mentioned it to our partner. He declared that it was time for us to get a modern central air conditioner unit, although he wanted to shop around to make sure that he could find us the truly best deal on the planet. Unfortunately for me, the temperature outside was very warm, and I didn’t want to wait around for him to find the best deal ever on an air conditioner. Both of us got into a large fight about it because I just wanted for him to hurry up and get the new conditioner installed!


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