Conflicting schedules when you’re married to an HVAC worker

Working out schedules is sometimes challenging when you’re married to a heating and cooling systems specialist.

It’s one of those things that I have learned the hard way after being married to my husband for many years.

We have had to learn how to work things out between us over the years. As an HVAC contractor, he is always working whenever I think that he shouldn’t, but he always says he can’t help it. Does he have to go to work whenever his boss says that he has to? I suspect he does, but occasionally I wonder if he volunteers to work to avoid other things, such as family events, especially when it’s something that we are supposed to be doing with my family. I think that he isn’t worried about getting out of some of the family dinners and parties that my side of the family has periodically. My husband doesn’t try to hide the fact he would rather not participate in things sometimes, so it’s easy to suspect this is what’s happening. Naturally, HVAC workers have to be on call sometimes, so I usually just let it go. I try to stay out of it, and I try not to fight with him about it, unless I just can’t help it. But the scheduling thing is hard sometimes. Heating and cooling workers have to work long hours, something I need to be used to.

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