Air conditioning savings made simple

I like it when I’m able to find a solution to situations that aren’t long and drawn out.

That seems to be a rarity these days.

I got a Christmas present this year that ended up being more of a project than present. There were some issues operationally and I just couldn’t seem to find the solution. I spent hours inside the central air conditioning of my home watching online videos, reading FAQ’s and even had my whiz kid have a go. There was a time when I could have simply picked up a phone to get what turned out to be a simple solution. But that’s just not the case anymore. My only product support was emails that just didn’t help from what was supposed to be a help desk. To say I was frustrated is an understatement. But when it comes to saving on air conditioning in the coming months, that solution is a simple one. I start with an air conditioning tune up in the spring. From there, I do my best to get acclimated to the rising temperatures. This is an important step. Otherwise, the heat and humidity seems overwhelming all summer. But I normally leave the air conditioning on by mid May. Yet because I’ve acclimated to the heat, I don’t need as much cooling comfort and the demand for air conditioning is far less on the heat pump. I just roll through the summer with that same thermostat discipline. And the savings are significant. I have plenty of things that I need to spend money on. So not overspending on air conditioning makes a very big difference.

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