Zone controlled heating and cooling is becoming more appealing by the day

I recently moved across the country for work.

My job stability in construction isn’t ideal when I’m stuck in an environment where everything freezes over for half the year. Many construction projects halt until the weather changes. Some developers even plan their construction around the seasons. No matter the reason, this leaves me effectively out of work for countless weeks each winter. I decided to move to another climate, particularly one with steady weather conditions and lots of heat. At the same time, I’m taking some time to adjust to the warm climate. The house I bought came with a standard central heating and air conditioning system, much like the one in my old house. But, this particular air conditioner seemed insufficient at keeping my home comfortably cool. I was sweating everyday no matter how much I ran the a/c. Someone at work mentioned zone controlled heating and cooling to me. You essentially use multiple a/c and heat units in different zones within your home, allowing you to better control the climate in the portions of the house you use the most. He suggested I buy a system of ductless mini split air conditioners to install throughout my house, leaving on only the ones in areas like the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and master bedroom. I’ll admit, the upgrade sounds particularly appealing, and it didn’t take long for me to actively seek out price quotes from local HVAC suppliers. Although I lack the funds to install ductless mini split air conditioners in my house right now, I have started a small savings fund in hopes that I can buy them In a few years during a closeout sale. When you live in a warm and humid climate, air conditioning isn’t an option, and your day to day comfort is dictated by the quality of your cooling system.

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