Using a mobile office instead of a house

Being the owner of a fair that travels from location to location is not an easy job.

As a matter of fact it keeps me on the move most of my life.

I don’t even have a home to call my own because I never bought one for this real reason. The only thing I have that’s close to a home is a mobile office. My mobile office is kind of like a mini RV in a way. I occasionally even sleep in my mobile office if I do not feel like paying for a hotel or motel while the fair is on the road. Mobile offices are something you can either rent or purchase. And sure, you see it, I really own my mobile office and I bought it for one giant block sum multiple years ago. My mobile office still holds up just fine today with the occasional work that I have to have done on it from time to time. I never pictured that a mobile office would be my only feeling of normalcy when I fell into this career way back when I first finished school. I have been running the fair for almost 20 years now. And I am going to retire one day and sell it. But one thing that I will not sell is my mobile office! When I am ready to settle down and kick back, my mobile office will sit in the backyard of whatever beach house I decide to purchase. I will then at that point use my mobile office as a trailer.


Modular Office