Trapped in an elevator for 16 hours

We all have horror stories from our lives, those little moments of total fear. If you don’t have one of those moments, good for you, you’re one of the lucky ones. Not to be dramatic or anything, because I’m not talking about horror movies stuff, more like near-miss car incidents and things of that nature. I’d like to share mine, my own personal moment of misery that was so bad it helps to keep me focused and positive these days. Sometimes you go through something so hard everything else seems easy. For me, it was being trapped in an elevator for 16 hours with no cooling, no fresh air, no water, and no light. It was like being in a metal coffin, thirty stories in the air dangling by a thin cable, nothing to worry about, right? At first it was dark, I was trapped, but the air vent was still blowing. That little bit of AC wasn’t just cooling off my body, it was cooling off my mind because it made me believe I was still connected to the outside world. Then the AC went out, the air vents became still, and the temperature began to rise. The air quality in that metal box was going sour in a fast way, mostly because I had to pee in the corner after a few hours. The fire department rescued me the next day, after a harrowing night of suffering, and I can tell you that I enjoy air conditioning so much more now! I went through hell, and now A/C feels like heaven.


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