The HVAC company is supplying us with an air purification system

As with almost everyone inside of this pandemic, my mind often turns to the health of myself plus my family members.

Of course, like most other people, we are doing everything we can to avoid the virus or slow the spread if we are asymptomatic.

My fiance has resumed working in a retail shop. They have gone out of their way to be certain the air filtration in the Heating plus A/C equipment is doing all it can to create a safe environment. My job is being handled from my own property in the comfort of our excellent Heating plus A/C equipment. However, once I heard about my fiance’s supplier installing current air filtration in their Heating plus A/C equipment, it got me really thinking. Working from home, which seems I may be moving forward, means lots of time inside our property. I had never given the air quality a great deal of thought in the past. In fact, the only time I thought of the air quality was when cooking or pet smells were in the air too long. However, with the pandemic carrying on, I wanted to do all I could to protect plus improve the air in our property. The HEPA air filters are a wonderful place to start plus I’m genuinely grateful this is being done at my fiance’s workplace. Yet, I easily wanted something that was somewhat more proactive. The Heating plus A/C equipment supplier we use was able to provide the solution. We are having a whole home air purifier brought in this week. This whole-home air purifier will go in the Heating plus A/C equipment air handler plus use high intensity UV light to actively eliminate the DNA of hazardous air contaminants that might affect our health.


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