Switching my HVAC system

This winter, I almost decided to switch over to a wood-burning heating system instead of using a normal oil furnace.

My old oil furnace stopped working and I knew that I was going to have to replace it before the colder weather came.

However, since I had time to get the heating system ready, I had the option to switch over from an oil furnace to any other type of heating system, one of my friends tried to convince me to use a wood-burning stove to heat my house… I even discovered that you can use the wood-burning stove to cook and heat your water for showers and baths! I began looking into the wood-burning furnace, and I discovered that the cost of this natural heating system was equivalent to the cost of the normal oil furnace when it came to purchasing the wood-burning stove and installing it. However, I didn’t change my mind until I learned how much it would be to purchase wood. Unless you have friends who are always giving you wood or unless you have a wooded property where you could cut down and prepare your own wood, you will find that wood-burning stoves are going to cost a lot more to use than a traditional oil furnace, and you might pay over one hundred dollars for a score of wood, and this score might only last you a week or two. If you decide to switch to a traditional Heating and A/C system, make sure that you do your research first. I decided to stick with an oil furnace instead of making the jump because it made more sense to me.

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