Should I Take on More Personal Fitness Clients and Add an Employee or Not

These clients have been with me since I first started my career.

I go to the gym every single day because I work out & I am a personal trainer. I meet with my workout customers and clients at the gym. I set up my appointments on three days per week so I can have free time for my own workouts and whatever else I want to do. The rest of the week, I will schedule personal fitness appointments accordingly. I don’t mind meeting early in the day or in the middle of the night. As a personal trainer, I have to work around other schedules sometimes. I have more than one big spender that meets with me on Tuesday. They are the only appointment that I take during my more than two afternoons off. I go to workout with them at their private spa. They live in a high-priced section and the gym is in the basement of the building. I meet with both these great guys at the same time & teach them good nutrition and fitness. The gentlemen never told me they are brothers, however I think they must be related. They favor each other & spend a lot of time together. I don’t think they are married, because I’ve never seen them remove a ring for workouts. These clients have been with me since I first started my career. I currently have nineteen clients that spend money me to be their personal trainer. I would prefer to get a few more clients, before I think about expanding the fitness business. Two of my friends are interested in partnering with me to increase the personal training business, however I’m just not sure I want to do that. I prefer definitely working part time & I don’t want to be stuck working with other people and having their drama.

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