Rainstorms causes excess humidity in the house

Several days ago, a truly giant tornado touchdown in the area; My family as well as I were lucky, because our beach apartment was spared from major injure! All of us did have some excessive injure to the garage as well as living room.

A giant tree fell on the corner of the house. It just missed the family room where the kids were sleeping soundly. My wife as well as I suppose how lucky we were like the tree only hit the living room as well as garage. It’s going to take several days for us to hire a business as well as get all of the work done. In the meantime, there is a fairly giant hole in the house. All of us have the injure covered with tarps, however there is still a lot of heat as well as moisture in the house. All of us have no way to control the amount of warm air, so all we can do is fight the heat as well as humidity, however the insurance company provided us with several dehumidifiers to locale in the area. The dehumidifiers are truly giant as well as they are loud. All of us have a single of them in the garage as well as another sitting in the living room. All of us turn off the dehumidifier while I was in breakfast, because it always scares the kids. It is really loud, however it does the task, but since the insurance company brought us several dehumidifiers, the indoor air conditions has changed significantly. A lot of the moisture is gone. The levels are getting lower every afternoon, as well as we will eventually be able to fix the hole as well as patch up all of the injure. Until then, this is the best we can hope for.



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