They had air conditioning at the state fair this year

We always go to the state fair every single year. One of my husband’s favorite events is going to the pie eating contest. Whoever can eat a whole pie first wins! This man just loves to eat pie, and apple pie is easily his favorite. They actually give everybody the option of what type of fruit pie they would like such as peach, apple, blueberry, and even strawberry. He always goes for the apple pie and he usually wins. Well, this year we were more excited than ever because there was a new development. We used to just have the contestants eat the pies on regular picnic tables out in the open without a tent or air conditioning. This year, they decided to get a huge tent and they had rental cooling systems working. The place was perfectly cool and everybody went there to watch the pie eating contest! My husband was so relaxed and I thought he had the victory in the bag. Unfortunately, there was another guy there who was much larger than my husband. He devoured his pie a few seconds before my husband. My husband tried to demand a rematch, but the judges determined that the other guy won fair and square. I felt bad for my husband because he was the reigning champ for years, but I guess all good things must come to an end. I told him to look at the bright side though and that was that we were able to relax in the air conditioning while enjoying some truly delicious pie!
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We had a great time when we did a house swap with another family

It wasn’t too long ago when my wife and I wanted to see another part of the country.

We decided to get on one of those websites where you can swap your home with other people for a period of time. We decided to do this home swap with somebody from a tropical location. I thought the weather was going to be absolutely perfect, but it was incredibly humid and extremely overheated. The property was kept up nice and they even had a garden with a couple of landscapers to keep the property looking great. The wonderful thing was that we were at a house that was right on the beach. All you had to do to enjoy the beach was step outside from the deck in the back. There were relaxing chairs there and there was an outdoor fireplace as well as an indoor fireplace. I actually preferred the outdoor fireplace the most because I had a good view of the beach. Also even though it was severely overheated outside during the day, it wasn’t so horrible during the evening hours. I loved being out there relaxing with a glass of wine at night while listening to the waves crashing on the beach. I wished I could live in a place like that forever. When we swapped back our homes, the other people said that we had a charming home and they enjoyed the area we lived in immensely. I joked with the people that we should just trade our homes permanently. I really wished that we could have, they had the nicest home and with such a great HVAC system. The humidity was the only annoying thing.

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Had a bad day yesterday

I had a really bad day yesterday.

I was on the phone for what seemed like most of the day.

I had to speak with different contractors to make repairs in my home. I also had to work with my insurance company to see what could be covered. We actually just came through some brutal storms and the original roofing contractor I spoke to said he could get us a new roof through our insurance. It turned out not to be the case because they claimed it was impossible for the leak in my roof to have been caused by the storm. I wasn’t sure how they came to that conclusion, but I was arguing with these people on the phone saying why the roof repair should be covered, mainly because it wasn’t leaking before the brutal storms we dealt with. I just became frustrated and also overheated. I realized that the air conditioning system wasn’t even working. When I went to look at the thermostat, I saw no issues there, but the cooling system would not turn on at all. I ended up having to call up the HVAC company as soon as I got off the phone with my insurance company. Fortunately, the HVAC worker showed up promptly, but I had the worst headache and felt sick when he arrived. He got the cooling system working, and I decided to just take a nap when I felt the relaxing A/C working again. I had an okay nap, but then I got a call from my wife saying she was in a car accident. Regrettably she hit the car in front of her at the stop light, and our insurance premium went up significantly.

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Looking at our wedding photos and appreciating the memories

I thought it was really important that our kids had a fun time too, and they really did

It was fun recently when my wife and I were looking at our wedding photos. It brought back all the crazy memories of that day, it was such a beautiful day. We had the ideal location, had friends and family arrive and it was lovely. The reception was also great, but I especially loved it because they had some excellent climate control. They had an air purification with the UV light that kills bacteria and viruses. They also had the A/C cranked up which was great. We definitely needed that A/C because we were dancing the night away. I made sure everybody got into the action and there wasn’t a table that wasn’t empty when the music was playing. It was great mingling with all my family and friends. I even had people telling me how much they appreciated the temperature control settings. Hey, I wouldn’t have booked the place if they didn’t make it just the way we wanted it! I’m not even a big drinker, but I had a ton of drinks that night. My friends were insisting that I get wasted, but I certainly didn’t want to forget any of the experience. I thought it was really important that our kids had a fun time too, and they really did. I loved seeing them out there dancing on the dance floor as well, they were always great dancers. It’s crazy how time flies though, because our son is about to head off to college. I’m not sure if I will be able to keep back the tears when we say our goodbyes, but I’ll try to be strong.



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I wasn’t able to get batteries for the thermostat when I needed them

One of the most difficult times I had when I moved my family into a new home was the fact that we were too unorganized.

We had a hard enough time loading everything from our last place into the truck and the trailer we rented. Then we had to unload everything into the new house after a long drive. We just put all the boxes in the different rooms and set up the mattresses so we didn’t have to sleep on the floor. We just wanted to take things one step at a time. Unfortunately, it was almost winter when we moved and we had to start using the heating system. The heating system was working great, but I didn’t realize that the thermostat was low on battery life! It wasn’t until we got to the Thanksgiving holiday when the batteries died. I felt it getting really cold in the house and I checked the thermostat. I thought I could easily just change out the batteries, but I couldn’t find any batteries! I looked everywhere and I was out of luck. I ended up going to look for a store where I could buy batteries, but everything was closed for the holiday, including local gas stations! I couldn’t believe my luck. What made things worse was that it was raining at night and I ended up getting lost. I was thankful that I at least had my heating system to keep me warm, but I felt like I had failed my family because they were freezing all because I couldn’t get any batteries for the thermostat. First thing in the morning, I went to the gas station and got batteries and everybody was happy when the heating system was working again.

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It’s worth it to invest in a good thermostat

Something that I have learned over the years is that it’s important to have a good thermostat.

Since the thermostat is what tells the HVAC system how to function, it needs to be something that is great quality.

You can always adjust your temperature control settings manually, but most people love having thermostats that can be programmed. You can do this with a standard programmable thermostat or even a smart thermostat. You actually get an edge with a smart thermostat because of all the advanced features. On top of all that, you easily save money on your energy bills with the smart thermostat because of how it allows the HVAC system to function in a smarter energy saving way. There are many things you can hook up to your smart thermostat as well like smart curtains that will open and shut based on where the rays of the sun are shining. It’s a great way to prevent unwanted heating in your home from the sun. I personally had a dial thermostat for a long time. I never realized how much money you could save back then by programming the thermostat. When I finally did have one of those, I thought I had the best possible thermostat imaginable because I was saving a ton of money. I was skeptical about smart thermostats, but they are the real deal. They are easy to control and you can adjust the temperature control settings with your smartphone from just about anywhere. It’s truly convenient, and a big time energy saver. It wouldn’t hurt to try out a smart thermostat and just go back to what you were using if you don’t like it, but I think you will.


It’s worth it to invest in a good thermostat

No more huge issues with my HVAC system

I recently had to have the fan motor replaced in my HVAC system.

  • I’ll be honest, I wasn’t taking good care of the HVAC.

I wasn’t changing the air filters on time and I didn’t even clean the outdoor A/C compressor unit. This caused my HVAC system to work under a lot of stress. The fan motor has to work under a lot of stress as it is, so if you forgo the essential HVAC system maintenance, this will have some serious impacts on your HVAC system. It’s pretty costly to have replaced, so you might want to pay careful attention to your HVAC system maintenance if you don’t want to end up in a situation like mine. In general, these fan motors will last a good 10 to 15 years. If you are careless with your HVAC maintenance though like I was, they might only last up to three years at the most. Trust me, having regular maintenance performed on your HVAC system is necessary. It will save you big on your energy bills, keep you comfortable in your home, and make it so you don’t have to deal with any costly repairs. This is why I have been telling everybody about keeping on top of their regular HVAC system maintenance, because they don’t want to have to empty their savings account like I did to have my fan motor replaced. I learned that when you schedule regular cleaning and greasing of your fan motor, your HVAC will last much longer. This is why I decided to enroll in a good HVAC service plan that covers all regular maintenance.

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A huge step in my energy reduction was insulating my attic

Whenever I make extra money doing overtime at work or jobs on the side, I like to put it in a savings account for the house.

This is for not only sudden emergencies like a plumbing disaster or broken windows, but also for eventual improvements and upgrades.

For instance, we started saving for a new roof for three years leading up to when we planned on getting it replaced. This way we weren’t rushed to do it at the last minute and struggle to get the money together. In that event we would settle for a less reputable company to do it for the lowest cost that we could afford. Instead, we had enough money to use the best roofing contractor that we could find. Recently we used money from our savings account for a different kind of home improvement project. We were discussing ways to improve our energy efficiency with our HVAC technician when he suggested getting the attic insulated. A lot of energy waste in a standard central HVAC system comes from a poorly insulated attic. Since you’re pushing cold air through your ductwork, if a warm attic is making your ventilation system warm, you are forcing your air conditioner to fight an uphill battle from the beginning. But once an attic is insulated, the air inside will no longer be hotter than the outdoor air. Therefore you won’t have as much energy loss in your ductwork. It wasn’t as expensive getting our attic insulated as I thought it would be. I know that we’re saving a lot of money now that the project is complete.


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My party was cut short when the furnace stopped working

I decided to invite a bunch of family members over for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Since last year we all stayed at home and didn’t gather in small indoor spaces, I wanted to give everyone a holiday dinner that they would remember years down the road.

Even though I love cooking, I realize now that I started to bite off more than I could chew. It’s one thing to roast a turkey, but I was also planning on making beef brisket for my family members that don’t like poultry. While I planned the dinner, my girlfriend decorated the house and did all of the grocery shopping. I was so focused on coming up with my menu and cooking all of the food that I was overlooking basic home maintenance. It was time to have the HVAC technician service our heating system ahead of the winter season, but we got hit with an intense cold front during the week of Thanksgiving. We were already using the furnace everyday leading up to the day of the holiday. Unfortunately, we only got halfway through dinner when the furnace suddenly stopped working. I could feel the air inside getting colder by the minute. It was only 10 degrees outside, so I knew it wouldn’t be long before the air inside my house became too uncomfortably cold for everyone to stay. By the time everyone finished eating, I could notice their discomfort. I announced that the furnace had failed and everyone was welcome to stay longer if they didn’t mind the cold house, otherwise I wouldn’t take offense if they simply wanted to leave.

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I use a vacuum to clean my a/c’s condensate line

Whenever my family asks me what I want for a birthday or a holiday, I tell them to just get me a gift card from the hardware store.

I can get supplies for home repair and maintenance, items for new projects inside and out, and tools. The best part is the huge sales at the hardware store every week, and you can go online and view the sale paper before you go to the store. I’m always watching for sales on woodworking tools and landscaping supplies. I love getting pallets of flowers when the price drops, especially now that the spring season is coming to an end. One of the most recent hardware store acquisitions for me is my brand new shop vac. It has a huge drum inside and it can be used for both wet and dry vacuuming. I accidentally spilled water all over my living room carpet last week and I managed to get most of it off the floor using the carpet attachment on my new shop vac. It’s also helpful for getting sawdust off the floor of my garage whenever I’m using one of my saws to cut wood for a building project. The other day I was using it to clean the condensate line for my air conditioner. If you’re using a traditional split style central air conditioner, your system has a small PVC pipe that drains water from your air handler inside and puts it on the ground outside near your condenser unit. This small pipe sometimes gets algae and microbial growth inside that can lead to clogs. Not all air conditioners have auto shut-offs when the condensate line clogs, so keeping it clean is essential to avoid expensive water damage. My new shop vac is the perfect tool for the job.

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