Our radiant floors are perfect for our new pet

My wife wanted to get a pet for the longest time. As you can imagine, we got a pet, and I had to put my foot down on letting the pet onto our furniture. Thankfully, the pet never tried to climb onto our beds or couches, and he seemed to want to please me. However, I think it’s just because the pet has a problem getting onto the furniture without help. I also think the pet doesn’t try to hop onto the furniture because they just enjoy our radiant floors. A few years back I convinced my wife into having our gas furnace upgraded with electric radiant floors. It was an important job. The construction made a large mess even though I felt it was worth every penny in the long run! Now the heat radiates upwards like it’s meant to do and our whole house stays cozy and warm all year long. Although, my wife enjoys complaining about how much installing the heated floor cost us, she hasn’t said much since getting the pet. The next time she mentions the cost of our radiant floors I’m just going to tell her that I had it done because I knew she’d get a pet someday. Honestly, I got the radiant floors for the pet. Of course, if I attempt to complain about any mess the pet makes now, my wife simply reminds me that the pet hasn’t made near as big a mess as the construction workers when they installed the floors.

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