Oatmeal Cookies Mean I Have a Sweet Treat and Also Stay Warm

Christmas would soon be coming and I knew that I would soon be baking sweet treats, even though I didn’t think residence that made it think appreciate it was the middle of December.

The wind seemed to be frosting its way through the house and even though I had a warm sweater on, I still felt cold in my bones.

I didn’t want to turn up the control component because oil furnace fuel is costly. I was trying to keep from using the heating for another week, at least. I stood in the study room, gazing out the window and I saw the flurries flying every which way, as snow tends to do. I knew that I was going to need to supply up and turn on the oil furnace. My little portable heater was no longer adequate. I made a fist and swore that I was going to hold out and the oil furnace would remain off until Thanksgiving. I looked at the control component thinking how many people would just flip that switch and turn it on. I could set the control component to a reasonably high temperature and just get a quick burst of heat in the house. I could be warm with the heater. Then I had a brainstorm. I started going through my cupboards and happily concluded I had all of the things I needed to bake some oatmeal cookies. I turned on the oven knowing that the heat would be wonderful and it would also help to warm me up.
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