My son won’t sleep in his own bedroom because of noisy vents

When my son first said he was terrified of some kind of snarling monster in his room, I thought it was adorable.

However, I showed him that there were no monsters as well as I told him to please sleep in his own bed. Regardless of the fact that there were no monsters, he still ended up coming to my bed to sleep. I kept telling myself that he could not keep doing this, but I’d already shown him that there were no monsters. I asked my child to show me where his monsters were hidden, and he pointed to the corner of his room where an HVAC vent was located. I asked him if he meant there was a monster in his HVAC duct, as well as he shook his head yes. I understood that he might have assumed that there was a living creature in there each time the HVAC plan came on. I had to explain to him that it was only the HVAC plan as well as the air moving around through the HVAC duct. I told him that it could sound like a scary noise sometimes, but it absolutely was not! I asked him if he felt safer as well as he said yes. I tucked him into his own bed but sure enough, he ended up coming to my bedroom again. Even though I said that it was just the HVAC system, he was still terrified by it! With the rate we’re making, my child will be sleeping in my bed for the next several years. He might need to see a psychologist or I might need to call an HVAC specialist.

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