My parents got radiant floors for their future dog

My mom really wanted to get a pet dog while my mom did not. Of course, this meant that they got a pet! However, my dad put his foot down on letting the dog climb onto their furniture. To my surprise, their dog has never actually tried to climb onto their couches or beds, and he seems to want to please them. Maybe it’s just because their dog is so small and can’t climb onto their furniture without help. I recognize the real reason their dog doesn’t try to get onto the furniture, which is because he just likes their radiant floors. A few years ago, when my parents talked about installing their furnace replaced with electric radiant floors, my mom wasn’t on board. It was a big expense. The construction made a big mess too, however I believe it was worth it in the long run. Now their heat radiates upward and their whole home stays moderate and comfortable throughout the year. Although, my wife likes to complain about how much installing the heated floor cost them, since she got the pet she doesn’t complain nearly as much. The next time she mentions the cost of the radiant floors, my dad can just tell her that he got it done because he knew she’d want a dog. He actually got the radiant floors for their dog. Of course, if my dad tries to complain about any mess the pet makes, my mom can simply remind him that their dog hasn’t made anywhere near the mess as the workers did when they installed the floors.
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