My fiance and I got radiant floors for our future cat

My fiance wanted to get an animal, but I did not.

In the end, we got a cat.

I put my foot down on letting the animal climb onto our furniture, and to my surprise the cat never attempted to climb onto our couches or beds. She seemed to want to please me, but maybe it’s just because she was so small that she couldn’t get onto the furniture anyway. I think the real reason this cat didn’t try to get onto our furniture though, is because she enjoys our radiant floors. A few years ago, I talked with my fiance about having our gas furnace replaced with electric radiant floors. It came with a hefty price tag, and the construction made a big mess. However, I think it was worth it in the long run. Our heat radiates upward, and our whole home stays comfortable and warm all year long. Although, my fiance prefers to complain about how much installing our heated floor cost us, he hasn’t been complaining as much since getting the cat. The next time she mentions the cost of the radiant floors, I’m just going to remind her that we got it done because I knew she’d get a cat one day. I truly invested in the radiant floors for the cat. Of course, if I try to complain about the mess the cat makes, my fiance can simply remind me that the cat has not made anywhere near as much a mess as the workers did when they installed the floors.

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