Limo Air Conditioner Needs Repair

I care about travelling and if there is a trip that is scheduled, I take it.

I work for a limo company and we get a lot of requests for private celebration limos.

I take customers to entertainment arenas or to business meetings at hotels. You can guarantee that half of the people will be crawling out of the limo and will end up in their room sleeping it off before attending their meetings. These trips can be a lot of fun, but there have been times when someone in the group gets unruly. Usually, someone else in the group will deal with them but there have been times when the clients accuse me of doing something wrong. Normally they always want to change the setting on the Heating and Air Conditioning systems and they get irritated with me if I don’t want to. I’ll adjust the control component to make it cooler or warmer, and that will normally keep everyone happy. Last week, it must have been nearly ninety degrees outside. There were a dozen clients in the stretch limo and it was beginning to heat up. I knew they had already been passing around the sangria and I saw more than a couple beer cans. Someone began to yammer on about the air conditioner, but there wasn’t anything I could do. I had already called into my office and told them the air conditioner had quit genuinely working and when I reached the next turnpike exit, I was going to be able to get a different limo. I only hoped clients would remain calm over the air conditioner.


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