Late Pregnancy Causes Women to Need More Air Conditioning and Cool Showers

When I neared the end of my pregnancy, everything started to go haywire.

I was having mood swings and I wanted nothing more than to have the baby already. To top it all off, I was beginning to think appreciate the air conditioner unit was broken. My spouse told me I was not right and said that the air conditioner component was genuinely working perfectly as it should be. He even checked the control component to put my mind at ease. I wanted to call the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and ask them to come in and do a wonderful inspection of the Heating and Air Conditioning system, but my husband said I couldn’t because it would be a waste of money we would want to spend on the baby. He knew there wasn’t a problem. I was lying in bed just miserable with that furnace belly growing ever larger. For more than nine thirds, while the A/C was spewing cool air from the air vents, I was comfortable and cool. As soon as the cool air quit spewing out, I was hot and irritated. I thought it could be me and my pregnancy but I wan’t 100% convinced. I was stuck in my study room for nearly several weeks before the birth of my baby and I knew the tiled rooms seemed cooler. When my spouse went to work the other day, I called the Heating and Air Conditioning repair shop. All they could say was they wished me much love and happiness with the baby. I know it is just the pregnancy that is making me so maniacal about the a/c. I still don’t know that is what is making me mind the heat so much or wondering about the operational ability of my Heating and Air Conditioning system, but it is the only thing it really could be, right?



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