Joke Present Turns Out to Be Best Gift Ever

My spouse thought he was being so funny when he obtained me a part furnace for my birthday.

I recently had surgery and I am still on blood thinners which cause me to feel cold.

I had the control component set at 75 degrees and I was still shivering. I knew that he thought giving me the little furnace was a joke, even though I enjoyed it. I was going to relax in the den with my feet up and I just carried the part furnace with me. I was able to plug the part furnace in so it was right next to me. The heat that was coming from the part heater, soon had me warm enough that I was able to stop feeling so cold and I finally closed my eyes and took a nap. I hadn’t been so warm or comfortable since the surgery. I think I had the best sleep I had ever had. The heating just seemed to seep into my muscles and it had my entire body completely at peace. Then, upon waking, I was full of energy. That was when my spouse came home from work. He saw the part furnace and smiled to himself. Then he lectured me about overdoing it and how I am going to hinder my recovery if I try to do too much too soon. I understood what he was talking about, of course, but it was because of the little heater he bought me that I had so much energy and I had to thank him for the great gift he had intended to be a joke present.