I hear squeaking

A good sign that your boiler is going out is when you hear a lot of squeaking coming from the basement every single time it turns on.

We had been hearing this squeaking noise a lot lately and wasn’t quite sure what it was.

At first we thought maybe a mouse was running around down there. But then one day when my wife was down there doing the laundry she figured out it was actually coming from our boiler. We have an electric boiler, so this is why we have these kind of complications. Had we got a steam boiler or a hot water boiler it may not have been breaking down on us so easily. We call the local heating and air conditioning company to come have a look at our electric boiler to see if it could be repaired or if we would have to invest in a brand new electric boiler for our house. If we had to get a new boiler, this time we would go with a steam boiler or hot water boiler for sure. But we got good news from the certified heating and air conditioning specialist. He was able to fix the electric boiler for us. Once he fixed the electric boiler he gave us some good tips to be able to keep it going longer before we did actually have to invest in some form of new heating system. He also gave us some nice energy saving tips in the process. The certified heating and air conditioning specialist was in fact very helpful to us that day. And we learned a lot about taking care of our electric boiler.