Having a Hot Tub is Not Worth the Cost

I don’t know if you have ever suffered through a Winter that is so chilly that not even the hot tub is hot, but I sure have. There were times when I went outside and I expected the hot tub surface to be like an iceberg. I was going to turn the power off to the hot tub, even though I was told it would rip open the liner and I legitimately needed to keep water in it, but to keep the temperature set to keep the water from freezing. This was a wonderful idea until I got the heating costs. I had a hard enough time paying to keep my oil furnace running and keeping us warm, let alone trying to keep a hot tub warm so I didn’t rip open the liner. I wanted to keep my house heated, so I opted to keep the oil furnace running and do away with the heater on the hot tub. The next day, I turned off the furnace to the hot tub and I let out all the water as well. I then picked up the cellphone and put the hot tub in the newspaper under the curb alert section. When my child got house that evening, he was taken aback. He had been genuinely working out in the gym and he wanted to be able to get into the hot tub afterward. I reminded him that it was as if he wanted to warm his muscles, there was a water heater inside for baths. When he started to roll his eyes at me, I held out my hand and asked if he had any coin toward the heating costs. He was only seventeen so I already knew the answer to that. He went upstairs and turned the water on in the bathtub and also turned on the bathroom heating lamps.
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