Hammers Are Not Made to Hit HVAC Units With

I got really aggravated when my air conditioner component quit genuinely working.

I wanted to try to figure out what how to fix it, even though I wasn’t sure what to do.

I could hear a whistling sound coming from it, so I tried to take the cover off the A/C unit. I took all of the screws from the cover and I tried to pry it off. When I tried to pry it off, I broke three fingernails which hurt so excruciating that I was really annoyed. I grabbed the wrench I had and I hit the a/c cover with the hammer. I didn’t think I had hit the A/C component easily hard until I felt my wrist ache and I saw the big dent I had made. I pushed the cover back on as slender as I could and I began to put the screws back into the cover. My little girl came out and her eyes got wide. She told me that her mom was going to be legitimately irritated when she saw the dent in the A/C unit. I told her that daddy was going to maintenance the dent and by the time mom got home, she would not even know anything had happened to the a/c. In the meantime, I called the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and asked if their warehouse had spare A/C component covers. The guy began to crack up when I told him about the hammer and how excruciating the A/C component cover legitimately was, but shortly thereafter, the Heating and Air Conditioning service guy arrived and quickly fixed the A/C unit. He then gentle hammered out the dent I had caused and put the cover back onto the A/C unit. Mom was none the wiser until my little told on me.



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