Final Trip is Almost Destroyed Because We Forgot to Get Freon for the Air Conditioner

After graduation last year, my girlfriend and I decided to take a trip across the country.

We had been accepted at universities that were more than five hundred miles apart and we knew we would not be able to remain in love. We had the vehicle checked and knowing we would be going into the western states, we made sure to call the auto shop so we could have the air conditioner component checked. Neither one of us wanted to be stuck without an air conditioner when we were traveling. We spent three weeks planning our trip and we were starting to get so excited to get that show on the road. As soon as graduation was over, we packed the vehicle with our clothing, a tent, snacks, water and sleeping bags. We were only a little way into the trip when we realized we had never had the a/c checked at the auto shop like we had planned to. We had forgotten to have our air conditioner inspected. I don’t know if we would have ever thought about it if our air conditioner hadn’t started kicking out only hot air through the a/c air vents. I could have kicked myself and my lady was not at all happy that I hadn’t remembered the a/c inspection. We were in the middle of the desert and we didn’t have any cool air. Even with the windows down, we were just miserable. I was surprised to see a sign appear, that flaunted an auto shop that did A/C repair and it was only several miles down the highway. I knew getting the a/c repair would save the trip, but it didn’t save my lady’s opinion of my trustworthiness.


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