Bananas in the ductwork

That is when they found a week’s worth of rotting bananas in the ductwork.

My mother-in-law is kind of weird. She has this thing for bananas. She is always talking about bananas and how they are good for your digestion. It can be sort of embarrassing being near her when she talks about this with random strangers. Anyhow we drove up to visit their grandmother and, sure enough, she insisted everyone eat a banana every day. I told her Kevin hates bananas but she kept giving him them anyway. I was surprised that he would take the banana into the kids’ room and return later with an empty peel. It wasn’t until a few weeks after we returned home that we all found out what Kevin had been doing with the bananas. He had been putting them down the ductwork for the HVAC system. The vent in the kids’ room could open up and he would simply remove the banana from the peel and drop it in there. He didn’t want to disappoint his grandmother but he hates bananas. Stupid, I know, but that is kid logic for you. My mother-in-law called me and told me that there had been a bad smell in her house and she couldn’t track it down. Finally she called up an HVAC supplier to come and check the vents. That is when they found a week’s worth of rotting bananas in the ductwork. She was pretty mad about it. I know it was wrong of Kevin but I had to try hard not to laugh. Maybe now my mother-in-law will stop forcing bananas on all of her guests.



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Smell might be coming from ductwork

There has been a really bad smell in my house lately.

It literally smells like a public toilet.

Not just any public toilet either. A public toilet at a ball game or large even like that. The stink is terrible. I have looked all over the house and can’t find the source of the smell. I have cleaned under the couch, under the refrigerator, and washed all of the linens. Nothing has helped. The smell remains. A good friend of mine said that I might want to look into getting my HVAC system serviced. She said that she had a similar experience a year ago and that it turned out to be her ductwork system. She had HVAC technicians come and clean out the ductwork and service the whole HVAC system. She said they even installed a special carbon filter. The smell went away and never came back. Now she has her HVAC system serviced at least once a year. A smelly HVAC system would explain the smell in my house I suppose. It would make sense. After all, the smell is bad in every single room of the house. Now that I think of it, the smell is worse when the heater is on too. I guess I am going to have to hire an HVAC company to come out and take a look. I hope they don’t charge too much though. However, at this point, I am willing to pay just about anything to get rid of that smell. It is only getting worse and I can’t live like this.
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The new logo looks quite amazing plus more charming

I hired a great web design supplier to help make my website look more professional.

I built the website nearly 10 years back plus I used an online program that helps for free.

I did not put a lot of time or currency into making the website plus I knew it wasn’t a very efficient or professional way to advertise myself, when I had a big chunk of extra currency to dedicate to advertising, I decided to hire a web design supplier. I found a local company with some great prices who offered the services I needed. I met with a web development specialist to discuss my business, SEO strategies, plus designs. The web development specialist had a ton of great ideas plus the lady made myself and others more stoked to task on the project. The first thing both of us did was totally change the look plus know about the website. With the new website came a brand new logo. I let the lady go absurd with the logos plus the designs, even though she also made a design that was closer to my original web page. She said both her designs plus logos for myself and others to view plus I loved them both. I absolutely dig what she did with the seasoned site, despite the fact that I loved the new logo for the place plus I absolutely chose her design theme. The new logo looks amazing plus far more ingratiating. I already changed all of the signs on our task van so they match the new website logo, however everything looks great plus the website absolutely helps us seem more professional. I’m so happy that I decided to hire a professional web design supplier instead of attempting to tackle the project on my own again.


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Increasing your social media presence helps to boost sales

If you need to boost up your online sales, decreasing your social media presence will absolutely help, my fiance plus I own a small company that sells specialty foreign cars; The people I was with and I rely heavily on traffic from an interstate plus both of us have a important sign right by the freeway off ramp, sales were starting to drop off plus my fiance plus I thought both of us were going to need to close down the business, but fortunately, both of us talked to a digital SEO supplier plus they told us that both of us would strongly benefit from an online social media presence.

The people I was with and I didn’t even have a Facebook page at that time.

That was the first suggestion from the digital SEO biz, and after that, they helped us come up with a website design for our supplier. My fiance plus I spent some savings to make all of the internet fluctuations plus design our website, however using internet SEO has been a important success, but between the social media presence plus the big one, pay per click advertising, our sales have increased by 35%. The people I was with and I have already acquired enough currency to pay for the internet SEO biz plus all of the web design fees, if sales continue to increase over the next sixteen weeks, we are going to try some additional online SEO campaigns next year. The advertising supplier has so many great ideas, however some of them require another important investment on our part. The people I was with and I have to take it one step at a time, then 1 thing I think is for sure plus that is the fact that hiring a digital SEO supplier saved our company plus grown our sales in less than more than two weeks.
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Group fitness training to get ready for wedding

The day after my boyfriend Mike slid a diamond on my finger, I started getting ready for a wedding.

I wanted my sister, my two best friends and my cousin to stand up for me in the wedding. Unfortunately, we weren’t in the shape we hoped to be in for the dresses I had chosen. I contacted our local fitness center and asked about some type of group fitness training. I thought we might have fun with some group fitness classes plus maybe go out together for a couple margaritas after. My friends agreed that it could be fun to take some group fitness training. I think we were all looking forward to the margaritas more than the working out. When we arrived at our first session, we were all dressed in super cute work-out outfits. The fitness trainer got a look at us and smiled. She then split us into groups of two. That left me without a partner to work with. The fitness trainer said she was happy to partner with me. I assumed we would start with some basic yoga or light exercises, and maybe have us lift some light weights. She started us right out with an in-depth warmup and then high intensity cardio for nearly half an hour. She said that getting a good sweat is the best way to get rid of the softness at our bellies and tighten the muscles. It was brutal but effective. She got us in great shape for the wedding. Most of our group continued with fitness training once the 6 weeks of sessions had ended. When I saw how great we were going to look. I was no longer aggravated with how hard our fitness trainer was pushing us.
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The construction company had great prices for the remodel

I was surprised when my coworker came into the office on Monday morning and told me that her husband was going to start working in my parents basement the following weekend

My mom and dad wanted to remodel the basement, but they didn’t have the first idea how to start the project. My Dad was thinking about doing the work on his own, but I told him that would take months or even a whole year. Remodeling a huge room like that isn’t the type of job you can do on your own. They wanted to remove a wall and make the room a lot bigger. They wanted to turn the concrete floor into a finished project with carpet and new windows. I thought it was a great idea, but the whole plan was going to require a permit and a contractor. I recommended a construction company to complete the job. I told my mom and dad that a husband of one of my co-workers owned a construction company and worked on these types of remodeling projects. I gave my mom and dad the phone number for the company. I wasn’t sure if my mom and dad were serious about the project, but they called the construction company a few days later. I was surprised when my coworker came into the office on Monday morning and told me that her husband was going to start working in my parents basement the following weekend. They must have forgotten to call me with all of the excitement. I want to visit my folks later after work and they showed me all of the new plans. My mom is especially excited about the project, because she gets to pick out new items like carpet, grapes, window dressings, and paint.
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Renting a boiler proved to be a better financial move

Renting a boiler system has been one of the smartest things I have ever done.

Because of the current social climate, certain businesses are closing their doors for the time being. My business is in the rare category that actually is doing very well. My customer base is nearly double what it was a year ago. I have so many more orders coming, products needing to be stored and new employees hired. I recently found that the increase in all of these elements means I needed to up the size of my building. I had the money and I recently made my facility almost two times bigger. Well, I didn’t take into consideration that my commercial boiler can’t handle the size of my facility now. I am just not getting the steam power that I want. I had to look into buying a new commercial boiler. The pricing on purchasing a boiler system scared me though. I had just invested in a new facility, I really didn’t have the money for a new heating system. I also worried about the social climate changing and being stuck with a lot of debt. Thankfully there are industrial boiler rentals in my area. Renting a boiler system has been one of the smartest things I have ever done. A boiler rental obviously isn’t as much as purchasing a new system. Also, renting a boiler means I don’t need to deal with the upkeep. If the system makes noises, doesn’t turn on or is operating at a less than efficient manner, I can call the commercial boiler rental business and have them fix it. It really has been a good thing for my business.


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My friend Andrea is terrified of bees

My friend Andrea is one of the strongest women that I know.

She is strong emotionally and physically.

I will never forget the way that I was so impressed the first time I saw her lifting weights at the gym. Anyway, she is really strong and she seems like a person who wouldn’t really be afraid of anything. However, I found out last week that Andrea is terrified of bees, wasps, and yellow jackets. We were working out at the gym together on Wednesday and it was a really nice day. They had the large doors open at the end of the building and suddenly, there were a whole bunch of bees flying all around the squat racks. Andrea threw her weights down and started yelling that she was allergic to bees. Then she said that she wasn’t actually allergic, but she was terrified. She ran right out of the building and locked herself inside her car. The owner of the gym went outside and noticed that there was a wasp nest on the eave of the roof. He had never seen it before and he was very concerned about it. He closed the doors to the gym and said that he wouldn’t open them back up again until he called a commercial bee removal specialist to come and get rid of the wasp nest. There’s really no reason to mess around with bees at your place of business. Even though Andrea wasn’t actually allergic to bees, you never know who might be. It’s the safest thing to do to just get rid of them.
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Needing professional help to tear down fence

We were able to afford a larger home with a great deal of land surrounding it because the property had been neglected for a long time. The roof was in need of repairs and had caused some water damage to the ceilings, walls and floors. All of the light fixtures, windows and appliances needed to be replaced. The electric lines, plumbing, heating and cooling system were in poor condition. Since my husband and I are quite handy, we hoped to do the majority of the construction and renovation work ourselves. We hired a licensed electrician, plumber and HVAC contractor to handle those specialities. We assumed we could manage everything on the exterior of the house as well as the gardens and lawns. We needed to paint, trim trees, remove a lot of weeds and mow. There was also a dilapidated fence around the perimeter of the yard. There was no possibility of salvaging the fence because it was in such poor condition. We decided to tear it down and set to work. Getting rid of the fence proved to be more than we could handle. The posts were cemented into the ground and all sorts of thorn bushes had grown up around it. There were bees and other insects, poison ivy, rusted wire and all sorts of hazards. We finally contacted a professional fencing contractor to safely remove and haul away the old fence. We also got an estimate for a new fence to replace it. Rather than another wood fence, we chose vinyl because it requires no major maintenance and is extremely durable.

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Public locales are too warm and stuffy in winter.

I care about to stay condo during the Winter time weeks because I hate errand running in winter, especially entirely cold winters.

I’m not really a big fan of gas furnaces.

They frizz my hair, dry my skin, and stuff up my nose and I hate being stuffy and hot. To me, it seems all the stores and offices and steakhouses are warm. I swear they must set their thermostats to 76 degrees. So when you enter a corporation or store or steakhouse, you take off your bulky Winter time coat and you are stuck carrying it. I have l acquired to dress in layers, and I leave my bulky coat in the car when I am running errands, going out to eat, or shopping. Sure, it’s a cold walk from the heated car to whatever heated building I am heading for, but I’m not stuck carrying a bulky Winter time coat, but have you ever tried Christmas shopping carrying a bulky Winter time coat? It wouldn’t be so bad if the stores set their thermostats at a more comfortable temperature. Then you could leave your coat on, or wrap the arms around your waist, but it is so warm in the stores and steakhouses during the Winter time that I end up peeling off most of my layers before I leave the mall or wherever it is I am, just to put them back on before going back outside. I think that I should be grateful that I can afford to shop at the mall and go out to eat, but the excessive un-even temperatures make myself and others yearn for a discount store and my own study room!

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