A co-worker needed a helping hand

I finished labor early on Thursday, so I called my boss to tell the woman that I was heading back to my household. I was going to stop at the grocery store & the pot shop. I was pretty thrilled about finishing up early for a change. My boss asked if I would stop by a commercial corporation to help another co-worker with a boiler repair. I didn’t absolutely wish to help with the boiler repair, but another hand was necessary to finish the job. I could not say no to my boss. I agreed to stop at the commercial business. I was stuck in traffic for about 30 minutes while I attempted to make my way from one side of the town to the other. I arrived at the job location just as my coworker was walking out to the truck. She was having some trouble with the boiler service & she was glad to see another woman. She hoped a second set of eyes would be able to identify the setback. We went through the repair step-by-step & both of us suddenly came to see why the boiler issue was occurring. It wasn’t an immense repair issue, but it did require a bit of finesse. About an hour later, both of us were on our way back to our households. My coworker thanked me for helping with the boiler repair & my boss was unquestionably pleased that I went out to help my coworker instead of going straight to my household. The afternoon didn’t turn out especially badly & I still got back to my household at an enjoyable time considering the fact that it was a Thursday.
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